Friday, October 9, 2009

Black womyn

A Black woman

can never be confined

by mere words

Webster does her no justice

she is a soul of indescribable power

do your thing black woman

you are sensitive but strong

and have become successful

through your failures

you bathe in the sun of your family

they are the radiance of the sun in you

black woman do your thing

you work and never tire

setting a flame stereo typical beliefs

that say you are the weakest link

black woman

you are what starts

and finishes the chain

go on black woman

I noticed your hands black woman

when you dropped to your knees

folded them uttering prayers

blessings of mercy came

pouring down

as a result

upon your children

black woman

you are powerful

black woman

who else besides you

peels the skin off the truth

and gets everyone together

the weather depends

on your forecast

black woman

you set the tone

of leadership with your dignity

and confidence

the world cannot make sense

of your subdued posterity

how you say so much

without ever saying anything

there is no more of a

misinterpreted being

than you my beautiful

sister and queen






who has gone now

than me

all black women

we will always do our thing

don't hate us love us

accept us

because we are the ones praying

and holding up the spiritual walls

preventing your fall

into bottomless pits

our prayers sent you epiphany

so stand on the sidelines

clapping and shouting...

go on black woman

do your thing
photo by Amsterdamn/not used for profit
(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

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  1. "The world cannot make sense of your subdued posterity..."

    You've got flavor, funk, and grace, lady...intuition told me as much when I met you and read your eyes, and your blog confirms the same. I will enjoy your work going forward...

    Lucas (guy from the bar)


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