Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Do You Have To Lose

We all should strive for faith in our vision. If you see something in your mind; or if you are thinking constantly about something it is for a reason. I can tell you that when you sit around thinking that your dream is impossible. Surely,it will come true.

I love the question; "What do you have to lose?" I love the answer even more. The answer is; Nothing.... "Absolutely nothing!"

Research is an important part of pursuing a dream. Sometimes a dream looks and feels impossible because we are viewing within a scope or range determined by our eyes. One of the greatest gifts we have is technology. Particularly the Internet. If you do not own a computer. Utilize your local library. In most states computers are available there, and free to use. Another suggestion is, an Internet cafe such as Starbucks.

If you don't know where either of these are ask someone. If not comfortable navigating on a computer then ask for help!

In other words, make NO EXCUSES to not go after your dream.

On the Internet you can research the "what, when and how" to pursue your dream or vision. You will be surprised to know that once you make up your mind to do something, It can be achieved. Seeing it and putting it down on paper is what makes it more achievable. In a way it it like creating a map or road to your vision!

Follow that map... Research and write. This will motivate you.
You may find that you can purchase things for a lot less than you expected. You can even develope creative ways to get things donated in order to make your dream happen.

Some dreams may not involve buying anything. The point is to just take action!

The bottom line is that you will never get closer to your dream, if you stare at it from afar.
Best of blessings... See you at the high point of success!
(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Black womyn

A Black woman

can never be confined

by mere words

Webster does her no justice

she is a soul of indescribable power

do your thing black woman

you are sensitive but strong

and have become successful

through your failures

you bathe in the sun of your family

they are the radiance of the sun in you

black woman do your thing

you work and never tire

setting a flame stereo typical beliefs

that say you are the weakest link

black woman

you are what starts

and finishes the chain

go on black woman

I noticed your hands black woman

when you dropped to your knees

folded them uttering prayers

blessings of mercy came

pouring down

as a result

upon your children

black woman

you are powerful

black woman

who else besides you

peels the skin off the truth

and gets everyone together

the weather depends

on your forecast

black woman

you set the tone

of leadership with your dignity

and confidence

the world cannot make sense

of your subdued posterity

how you say so much

without ever saying anything

there is no more of a

misinterpreted being

than you my beautiful

sister and queen






who has gone now

than me

all black women

we will always do our thing

don't hate us love us

accept us

because we are the ones praying

and holding up the spiritual walls

preventing your fall

into bottomless pits

our prayers sent you epiphany

so stand on the sidelines

clapping and shouting...

go on black woman

do your thing
photo by Amsterdamn/not used for profit
(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Silouette Faces

Image by Merlespar
Oh I can for you

tilt my head

drink your rushing words with eager lips

paint my mouth for you a vibrant red

trace your brows with shaking finger tips

you recite your list

of loves to me

As I laugh and marvel,

with rapturous eyes

you laugh back

can you ever see

the thousands of deaths

my heart has died

believing so well that I know my part

gay as morning

light as snow

yet all the taunting

things within my heart

you never try to know

oh I can for you be jolly

when we meet

as you tell fresh tales

of your adventuring

I am delicately discreet

in your ear whisper

songs pleased at your delight

wondering do you want all of me

raw and true

blind staring eyes of night

In search of novelty

you stray off

kiss you passionately as you go

what happens inside my heart

when you stray, these things

you will never, ever, know-

(C) logicalpoetist May 1995

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Soaking in Somber...

It is the most somber
days bringing uncomparable
gifts of peace
seek, find refuge upon a cloud
in a grey sky
trees journeying through
change dispurse
array of color
tepid waves of solace
is here for a time
the time of now
basking in now
savoring the experience
not of what's gone by
of what can be made
of now
(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009


Now the sun rises in a soul
long lost soul that felt
only the coldest of winters
splinter thin icicles suspended
from chords of vocality
as angry verbiage and infliction
of brutality weakened an esteem

Now the sun rises in a soul
never knew that the rivers
and waters were troubled
contaminated from pollution
inflicted in a tender time
a time called childhood

who has taken the time
to listen and understand
people yet seek to
be understood
that's just the way it is
in the hood

So the children grow
unattended to
raising themselves
trying to create a way out

homicide, suicide, selling
and buying drugs and guns
to use in their own neighborhood
resulting in genocide

somehow not all were swept
some were kept by morals
gained during that same
tender time,
keeping their heads
lifted toward the sky

some referenced
and inquired how to aspire
despite the most
horrible of circumstance

Now the sun rises in a soul
Soul's mother
danced her last dance
with a heroin shot
to her veins
what is heroic about that

Souls father
found dead in an ally
faced down suffocated
in his own blood
shot... because he messed
up a gangsters money
selling crack

Souls siblings all scattered
through out the system
yet soul kept referring back
to lessons taught earlier on
when granny was alive
Soul chose to abide

Now the sun rises in a soul
rise soul rise also in the sun
reference but never look back

(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Self's Song

Can you see the beauty that you posses
will you caress your confidence,
finesse your acceptance
of self
Has your mind seen the supremacy of your being
because your sight could not comprehend
and then.....
Did you stop and say
that God sends the perfect you
the vital you
that can only fulfill the purpose
given you...
and at that moment
did you embrace that you are all that you need to be
that it's not what other's see that make you who you are
but its the who that you believe that you are
that matters...
It is crucial to see that you are a beautiful being exactly as you are
If you are not loyal to you
then who will be
We can only survive on other's love for so long
A song does not run out of words or melodies
if so it would not be a song
love long, love hard, love you
like you loved that person that you gave everything to
and who scorned your soul in return...
Yearn... yes burn
then soothe
and cool
in a pool of self acceptance.
You've never had a bath like this..
Lay your head back and relax in your self confidence
that you can and will not just be
man or a woman
but that you will dent your heals in every grain of sand possible.
Residual dew will remain from the waters you've poured into life
long after your gone
Can you see why I go on and on
encouraging you to love thine self as you are
and if there is something about
you that makes you sad-
Change it
are worth it!

(C) logicalpoetist October 2009