Saturday, September 12, 2009


"If a heart is spiritual, then it holds, mansions of love, and can house many"
Logicalpoetist/A. Najai D'Raughn

The thought occurred that if someone forgets about you, what do you do? My next thought was forget about them... I am human.

From God's perspective ;Loving, we know, is defined as unconditional.

Lilac loved people! Lilac was a "sister" with an appearance that speaks. She is beautiful to say the least. This refined artist has cool chocolate skin, thick golden bronze locks of hair that is curly. She has soft brown eyes, beautiful white teeth, and a big smile.

Now, while her physical features are very pronounced; it is her aura that speaks the loudest. She is always smiling and looking at people with her best vision - seeing them all as beautiful. Lilac is human, but most certainly "one of a kind."

Lilac, because of her peace, sincerity, kindness and incomprehensible ways had her challenges by the "universe..." Overall, when faced with those challenges, she never lost her composure.

One day, Lilac awoke earlier than usual. She arose from her bed at four o'clock in the morning.
She looked out the bay window of her apartment and saw that the day was crying. There were large, lollipop, raindrops falling, and the sky was a serene, grayish blue.

Lilac decided stay in doors and make it a day of reflection. She started a meal on the stove, lit seven candles, a Naj Champa (incense), and flipped on her fireplace. She then turned down all the blinds and pulled out all, her photo albums.

She made a pallet on the floor with a mat, blanket, and natural Lambs wool as the final layer. Lilac laid on the pallet flipping through her albums. The first photo album had pictures that ranged from Lilac's high school days to her current lifetime.

Midway through the seventh album, Lilac came across several pictures of a group of friends from a particular time in her life. She sought through them and noticed that seven of the friends were friends that she'd lost contact with over the years.

As she reflected upon "good times," she thought of one particular friend amongst the group a bit more intensely. This friend, in the past had done something unkind to . Lilac. What she'd done is accuse Lilac of something that in fact she had not done.

The break in both their hearts forced their friendship apart. One believed that the other had placed her in a compromising position and the other knew of her own innocence. The friend whose innocence was shattered surely believed some misunderstanding had taken place.

"Hmmmmm..." Lilac exhaled; A long time has passed she thought. Lilac smiled, realizing that, life had replaced that friend with many others and that life had given her the gift of peace regarding the lost friendship. Lilac realized that she had an abundance of love in her heart still, for that friend. She realized that sometimes, love, is best done from a distance.
Lilac concluded that when a person insists on letting her go, to be accepting. Sometimes, God wants to move you away from someone, and, or, you from them. In order that both may grow or go down separate roads that the other is not intended to journey.

Prayerfully, each person's destiny within their individual path at the end of the rainbow, still exuded Greatness! This too, was Lilac's prayer for her friend.
The world has two forces, Good and Evil.
No one, is exempt from the beckoning of either. We will be tested. Just stand and be who you are!

Lilac remembered a quote that she once heard:

"When people want to leave your life, Let them Go; do not try to force their stay"Bishop,TD Jakes.

The aroma of the food that Lilac started cooking earlier grew more pronounced. Now, remembering the "wonderful meal," she felt full of gratitude, refreshment and hunger...As she spoke her blessings to her peace,she stated "Thank you Lord for all that has been received in my life and all that has been extracted from, most of all Lord; Thank you for all that has been restored."

She then closed the seventh album.........

(C) logicalpoetist September 2009

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