Thursday, September 10, 2009

If Life Throws Blows... Bend Knees

Photo by Barry P Kilmartin

Nijel sat in the barber's chair relaxing with closed eyes. The peaceful,low,buzzing of the clippers somehow seemed soothing. Nijel began to meditate during the haircut, mentally traveling to place of peace. Suddenly, There was a loud boom that startled Nijel and everyone in the Barbershop.

When he lifted his head to see what the noise was. He saw the body of a man being thrown into the glass window of the shop. There were four men beating this one man. They threw punch after punch! They were kicking him in the abdomen and legs. The seemingly helpless man did not fight back. He used his arms to protect his head and continued taking the tireless beating.

When the beating was over, the man stood up, and then fell to the ground. The thing that behooved Nijel is, "Why everyone stood watching, and no -one tried to help. The other employees at the shop ran outside and watched closely until the four men were done.

The beaten man stood up, walked in circles a couple of times, then just walked away.
Once all the commotion was over the conversation began regarding the incident.
Apparently a few weeks prior. The man had stolen a valuable item from someone. The beating was retaliation for his actions.

Although, Nijel now new the truth he was still, bothered by the violent crime...
What was he to do? Watching the entire ordeal simply, made him sick;literally.
Later that afternoon Nijel was unable to eat and his nerves, were just shattered.

The only thing that he could think to do was to pray for the man, that he might have learned a lesson and come to value his life and learn to work for what he wants. He could have been killed as the result of material desire and greed.

Nijel prayed also, for the four attackers begging God to help them to better love their neighbor.

"Lord, I say unto the that thine hast taught; That thou shalt not steal. Thine hath also said to Love ones neighbor as thine self. Thou have left man to determine what to do when the two commandments conflict. I pray to you Almighty God father of us all that we never seek revenge, taking matters into our own hands. I pray that those four men realize Lord, they they are not the father of judgement nor consequence. I pray that they have a conscience regarding what they did and that they seek your forgiveness father. The item that was stolen is a material thing that perhaps was ill gotten to begin with. I pray father that all necessary lessons be gained for all involved. Oh Mighty Lord I pray that the man who was beaten does not die and that he is given a second chance. Finally Lord, I thank you for bearing witness to this horrible, and most violent crime. Thank you for showing me Lord that the life that I live seeking thine ways, seeking thine thoughts and honoring thine words oh father;
Free me from being any of those type of men. Father, may I always find comfort in your word and your way. May I always find peace in your bosom."

Thank you Jesus,


Then Nijel stood up from his prayer and new that he had done the best thing for all.

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