Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exit To an Entrance

That closed door was the entrance
at first I could not tell.
As I walked through it I was sad
My head hung low
my knees weak my throat
filled with lumps
eyes overflowing with water
Just like that it was over
I sat and I wondered what my next move should be
I did not have the power nor the key to my destiny
Never once did I consider his
just my way
My fight became a battle and I felt like I'd lost
so tired of the foe that I drifted off into a deep sleep
dream dream dream
did I
about a beautiful life
flowers all around me so rich in color so loudly scented
looking ahead there was a beam of light
from it came a voice
it said do not fret, for everything is really alright
follow me without care of where I lead
think of this journey as a trust
know that I will catch you indeed
placing one foot in front of the other
I followed the beam of light
guided by the powerful voice
I came upon a door
It appeared to be the same door that I'd last walked through when I was awake
the beam of light went through first and quickly disappeared
as I walked through
there were people
lots of beautiful people
they looked radiant to my eyes
one approached me and said welcome to the life intended for you
I will be giving you your tour
there was a room
it was filled with safe deposit boxes
he pointed saying this one is yours
I opened it and there was money
lots of money
I asked how much could I have
he replied all
It all belongs to you
I asked how much is here
he said an infinite amount
the way it works is that no matter how much you withdraw the amount is replaced
you may take as much as you want whenever you want it shall just be refilled
he handed me a sac made of hemp and ordered me to fill it and so I did
We began walking again until we approached another room
this was an extraordinary room
It was filled with mansions
As I looked straight ahead I noticed a large sign
it appeared to be for sale
I am following my leader and he is walking toward the most beautiful mansion
of them all
as we got closer the sign did not read what I thought
It had a name on it, the name was mine
he said this is yours
I replied how much is the mortgage
he answered zero, your house is paid in full
the land it sits on is yours as well
One thing before you ask he said
there are no property taxes
Again we started toward another room
this room was different
It had a racetrack styled floor
there were Bentley's Rolls Royce's and Benz's
How many
Why I really could not tell
too many
He said pick one of each and never mind the note
they are all paid for
you will have no note
I selected three and then we left
this time we walked into an empty room and my leader said this is the way back to life
he told me to take good care and turned in the other direction
I yelled wait
what is your name
He answered Angel... then he disappeared
As I tried to figure out what just happened
the beam of light reappeared
the powerful voice came back
My child you were not dreaming this is real
you are now set four life have a wonderful one
We shall meet again...
Trust all doors that close in your life do not be sad. Closed doors are new beginings and sometimes greater destinations
(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

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