Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Time just passing
it's only what's lasted
that will confirm
a soul has grown
Hopefully, collected wisdom
remembers the long way home

Never free of memory
it shall, but remain
seek life not through
an other's eyes
nor thoughts through
an other's brain

Realize fears,
release tears
be clear of existence no more
gently proceed forward
dance on the planets floor

dance the last dance
kiss the last kiss
as though it's the first
day of love
never regret anything
when you've continued
to look above

Coldness somehow produced
wholeness within a storm
Razor sharp, whirling winds
spins the air of breath
panting, panting, panting
now time says to rest

the storm has come
to a settling calm,
wind surrenders it's
biting edge

harsh, dark nights
now lit burn forever more
flames of everlasting fire
faint sounds of crackling sand
while napping by the
sea's calm shore

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