Friday, September 25, 2009


Remember the saying "Take time to smell the roses?"

I have found that scents have a profound impact on ones spirit. The things that we breathe in; curve and shape our kindness or lack of.

Also this quote is a metaphor for what we accept in our lives. (Take time to appreciate what we have.) Although, most people zero in on what's not going well in their lives.

I am a firm believer that "We are what we eat..." Again this is a metaphor for whatever you accept in your life will be your life.

This morning, I awoke and started the coffee brewing. I heard the perking and the aroma grew stronger and stronger as it brewed. I have been getting my coffee outside the home for the past month or so. As the smell became more powerful very endearing, I realized how much I have been cheating myself of the pleasure of this wonderful smell in the morning.

Not everyone favors coffee but for the fellow coffee drinkers, you know exactly what I mean.
I never realized until this morning how much the scent of my brew really contributed to the start of my day... It was as if my senses were reborn.
All of them "taste, smell, touch, hear and sight." The smell of Patchouli wreaks daily in my space because it has always been one of my favorite aromas as well.

I am listening to one of my favorite meditation CD's "The Journey beyond the horizon"...
The combination of the music compounded by the aroma in the room makes the sun
that's staring in my space brighter and warmer.

I have sat and I have written that in which I choose to share with you (my readers) daily and I am pleasantly content..

I feel refreshed, renewed and centered why because I have taken the time this morning to smell the roses in my life instead of thinking obsessively of what challenges lye before me. I feel ready for whatever comes my way. This is what I aim to achieve every day. Courage, happiness and freedom...

May you take the time to smell the aromas of your life!!!

Be Blessed

(C) logicalpoetist September 2009

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