Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Yes or No experience

Decision... Is it a feeling? Is it a thing? One thing that is clear; making a decision is profoundly emotional. The need to decide something derives from a place of "enough." When one has had enough then the heat is on. Decision making also lends itself to adding something to ones life "more".To make a decision takes such forums as faith, courage, thirst, and willingness.

What is often unmentioned yet most important is, that when all is said and done. No matter what the decision; -

Decision positions us to takes charge! How great is that?

Trust your inner being. Listen for what it is saying to you through how you feel Just like an instrument the body speaks via tones. If we are in tune we can determine the sound and rhythm and be guided it.

When the decision is No the belly feels very nervous, the throat gets a big ball in it, if you swallow you'll feel a lump in your thorax. Overall it just feels uneasy.

When the answer is yes. There is a spiritual and visual picture of peace... you can clearly see a picture of your subject. When you visualize it; you feel connected to it, you feel excited, elated, elevated and trusting.The feeling is just (exhales)refreshing-

Both yes and no experiences vary depending on the individual yet these basic physical responses are pretty consistent among human beings.

The key is to align your hearing with your body. Remembering that one must
use their mind, not their ears to hear. If one can master this? The decision making is canceled provided the master is also obedient to their bodies language. we simply know what to do and we do it!

Try it. It may take practice before you learn to listen well. However, don't get discouraged. The art of success lies in your ability to be disciplined and patient.

The reward is worth it and just like the yes and no experience; it is tailor made to the individual. Yet the gain in the same among human beings.
For all of us. once we loosen our decision... Comes freedom-

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