Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I know what it is like to put my hopes and dreams into love and to have them not evolve but instead, dissolve before my very eyes, the tears streaming down like rain my heart exploding with pain.
Disappointed not once but, again. The sadness at this stage of life is not for me though. It is for all GODS children. Love was created by HIM. It is intended to bring happiness to a heart a soul.

Love is to be utilized as strength in bonding two people together as one. So many of us we just don't get it. I have been fortunate to drink from the fountain of youth. I am truly blessed. I look great for my age many say almost every day. What is the secret to your beautiful skin and smile and glow. "Womyn you glow!"

I must share that the secret is that I love without limitation, without expectation of anything other than what any person simply deserves- RESPECT... I walk in silence and it in me. Occasionally I've been tested and have to define and defend myself all at once.

I have found myself stepping outside of my souls quiet place. Some people push and push because they cannot stand that you are at peace. They want it so badly but fear it so sadly...

Love is meant to be blissful yet intense. Spiritual and immense. The depth will never be felt by so many because when it first intoduces itself to the average soul it scares the " HELL" out of people!

"How do I keep it moving?" I just recognize the sadness in a soul and pray that someday they become willing to stop disappointing God others and most of all themselves.
The truth is the reason that some can't accept love is because if they have not experienced self love then how can they give it to you? If you have the courage to love sincerely and love yourself; when the dsappointment comes you would simply
re-align your spirit and pray for that lost soul.

Don't be abused by remaining in the muck. We get older to gain experience to produce wisdom to excersise KNOWLEDGE!

I honor the place in you that resides in me, the place of peace the place of love (pass it on)

(C) copyright logicalpoetist August 2009

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