Friday, August 28, 2009

Uncircumcised Eyes

Uncircumcised eyes
Sunset am I
suffocating by fire
elevating higher

Raging storms, thunder
internal fires
Light ashed remains
confront unmet desires

Heart never stops beating
bleeding ambition
released inhibition...

never impossible
perseverance incomparable
dances with

It began with substance
of something hoped
Visions of things unseen...

Supreme being defines
this as faith
Believing blindly
inconsiderate of circumstance,
just believing

Historically spoken
faith without works
is dead. Had to get to
working, goal setting

Nourishing the dream
eating the manna
feeding the UN-fed
awakening daily
repeating again and again

Eyes shut, never asleep
the dream always alive
made up mind always drives
life lived
through uncircumcised eyes

(C)copyright logicalpoetist August 28,2009

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