Thursday, August 27, 2009

Passion and Purpose

The question was asked.. How does one know there purpose? So many people have asked themselves this question. The thing that makes sense to me is that your passion is; what you should be doing. The result of living your passion is your purpose.
We are all given certain gifts.. Some one's gift may be as simple as talking. Most of us have heard the expression "having the gift of gab." If some one utilizes there articulate ability correctly then talking could earn them a very comfortable lifestyle. Yet if one discovers their gift of gab and uses it to gossip then they are making no positive investment and actually wasting their breath.

Another person may have a physical gift such as painting, or writing or building something. If one does not expound upon their gift then it is simply wasted talent.
I believe that we always know the thing that we were born to do. Unfortunately however many people are afraid to go after what is in their heart.

I've written many passages about FEAR. I think that word stands for forgetting encouragement and running.

Somewhere along the way a parent, a teacher or a peer saw something in you and encouraged you to do something big with it. The question to ask yourself is did you forget the encouragement that you were given and run away from achieving your success.
The reasons that people do this is that they doubt their ability to become great, to be successful.

If you do not believe in you. It really will not matter all the people that do. People cannot do for you what is met for you to do.

I want to encourage anyone who is asking themselves what their purpose is to take sometime to sit down with a pen and a sheet of paper and write down the things that you are very good at. Then cross off all the things on your list that you are not passionate about. Being passionate about something means that it makes you feel good inside like nothing else can.

You may find that you have more than one thing that you feel passionate about. If this is the case then narrow down your soul search a little bit more. Rate your passion in terms of which do you feel the most and least passionate about.
(1st,2Nd,3rd and so forth) Refine your list as much as possible.

This will allow you to see exactly what you love the most. Sometimes people are multi talented but, may be more in love with one talent more than the others. The key to understanding what you should be doing rests in how what your doing makes you feel inside.
In doing what's in your heart you are following the direction of your life. You are on your true path.

<When you are on your path your purpose changes from a question in your mind to an impact in others lives.

No one can answer for you what you already know. The question is not what is my purpose.. The real question is; "am I living my passion?"

If you can say no to this then, the next question is why? The saddest answer is I don't know... Take sometime to think about it and be honest with yourself so, that you can spend time living and stop wasting time wondering-

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