Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Necessary Address

Who's heard the rustle and bustle of the social anatomy?
What stirs the drama among individuals when they are in the same space for any considerable length of time? Peace is just lost and seemingly no where to be found.
Listen... "She is talking about him doing her and her shoes are tore up!"
"Why would he be Cheating on her with her?" (Gossip)
Then there is the today someone speaks to you when yesterday;
they did not? (Ignorance)

What about when you speak a happy "Hey every one!" As you enter the space and
somehow,it seems that every one ate peanut butter for breakfast?
The emotion attached to this, for the speaker is so awkward. (Impolite)

To a certain degree this is also mean. So in thinking about all of this,
I cannot help but ask the intelligent question. Why do we treat each other this way?
It is an outright down look on your brother or sister beings.

I have learned in my life that people have been through many things.
We never know what things or to what degree the severity of their experience. What a bout the sensitivity that may exist or the trauma even?

Most of the participants of such infliction never stop to think about this. To think about the tremendous job they are doing at hurting an already hurt person.

The day that one looks down; some time later they will look up and possibly,
up to who they looked down on.

An option to talking about someone is to pray for them and pray about you.

None of us are without flaw. How hurt would one be to pass a crowd and overhear them taunting you?
Sure some of you may have just thought "I don't really care.." That is much easier said than survived.

Another key point is that talking about someone in the form of negativity does not speak well to ones own feelings about themselves.
If one is secure and confident they find neither worth, nor glory, nor time to deflate another.

The energy that is used to gnaw at someones character can be used better building ones own.
Life is about Karma and life is a long process of events. Events that should be for the most part felt in the spirit realm. In fact it should be Zesty!
Whatever you get out of life however is really up to you.

The law is that you receive from the universe that in which you give to it.In order to reap we MUST sow.

The Bible for those that believe speaks of sowing and reaping a harvest.
Know that if you sow a seed of hatred you shall be swallowed up by the same in acres of a harvest.

Loving as God loves us is not as easy as it should be as we are "products of our environment." We are disqualified from using this as an excuse as; we may be product but we are not prisoners of our environment.

We are free too choose how to behave,how to treat one another, how to speak to each other and how to be consistent.

The choice to bring gifts to others or to receive fields of dead grass as our harvest- Is Yours...

May you be lead Through my honesty and courage to undress the mess and may it be catalyst to a better you

God Bless

(C) copyright logicalpoetist August 2007

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