Thursday, August 6, 2009


It is you that I miss
although you are here
sweetness is salty
time at it's bleeding end

I am bending my ear to hear
the ways you will share
that although you are near
you miss me in the same way

tell me that I am not alone
upon this throne of fullfilmment
yet vacant and naked in my
need for you.. Is this love?

I don't think I really need to ask
why people fear love...
What is it about it
that makes one afraid to
stop peaking from behind corners
watching from periphial angles.

We've opted to set an example
engage a romantic tangle
with all emotion
we travel at the speed of light
to a place in present times

No time can be taken for granted
so what are we going to do
I'm sure we will find answers-

This is my way of saying that
although you are right here
I sure am missing you-

(C) logicalpoetist August 2009


  1. Your source of inspiration must be so thrilled to have this synergy amid the two souls....U are truly the epitome of love and I am quite sure that kinetic energy flows seamlessly in the atmosphere of your endearment to your inspiration.. COntinue to love and live! Live 2 Love.....

  2. Beautifully said.. Thank you LOD


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