Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There is in the air a certain scent
of winter. Crisp and fresh
cool yet warm and rich.

Colorful and radiant
red,brown and gold
camouflage themselves in orange

How then did I become blue?

spirit dirges chilled sea
currents heading south
waters rest in the east
wind controlling it's route

your reflection is me
and mine is you
We can expect that the forecast
shall forever change
as we determine what to do

We can depend upon a transformation
to guide us into our next season
We can find reasons to stand still
and never move
Winter has come again however
no matter what we choose

colors of this radiant season
red, brown gold
camouflage themselves in orange
and I still wonder..

How then did I become blue?

(c)copyright logicalpoetist August 2009

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