Thursday, July 9, 2009

Healing or Hurting

There were four girls that traveled together daily.
Every day that they awoke they never failed to ring eachothers phone. They started each day talking about other people in a noncontributal capacity.

Their conversations were as follows:

I "wonder what she will have on today?"
"Did you see that ugly handbag that she had on the other day?"
"It did not match her outfit at all."

Gyyyyyrl! "How about the news that John and Sandra broke up?"
These are just a few light examples of the type of confusion (an act causing a disorderly combination of elements with identities lost and distinctions blended; "the confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel) that these girls lived for.
The funny thing is that these girls are miniature versions of women that many of us see in the work place, and even in church..

Gossip is not of God
The truth is that if someone has so much time to put others down then, what time are they spending to improve upon their own imperfections?
Not one person has it all together in every area of their life. There is always room for improving ones own life,attitude or circumstances.


There are so many wrongs pertaining to GOSSIP...

It hurts others
It speaks to the truthe about you and how you feel about self
It starts trouble if not conveyed properly
It can even destroy a friendship or relationship

Old habbits are hard to break and this one is usually a sign of immaturity. Yes some adults are still stuck. It is one thing to be a child and be immature but it is truly an embarassment to be an immature thirty, forty, or sixty year old.

"Get it together!"

Altough hard to break these shortcomings can be made better. The next time someone calls to give you the latest drama. Check them.. Let them know that you have surpassed that time... It feels so good to say! The shock and embarrassment it causes the person that you sa id it too may force them to take a look within.

So now instead of starting "forest fires" you are putting them out!
Making a positive impact verses a negative one.
Which would you rather be known for?


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