Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The suggestion was made that sometimes we give and give to get nothing in retun.

When giving in the spirit realm we expect nothing back.

The bible says that GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER

In spirit giving is equal to charity. Think of giving as making a donation. Sometimes the deposit made to a soul has no price tag. It is simply Too valuable.
The value may not yet be evident to the recipient or the giver.

For many years I worked in Human services counseling Teens. In one particular setting I dealt with a group of very rebellious girls. One particular young lady that we will call Jane Doe for annonimity sake was by far, the most resistant to the help that was being offered to her. She was determiined to hurt herself in any way that she possibly could.

She induced unto her undeveloped physique all types of street pharmacuticals, she prostituted her body, her mind and she tried on many occasions to just end it.

I never gave up on her all though the other staff had casted her into a soup bowl of statistics. My superiors would ask me. "What is it about this kid that you put so much into her."

I did not have an answer because I put equal care into all the other kids in the program.
To date I believe that I was layed off from that job because, I was the favorite counselor of all the kids. A few of my colleagues thought it not right but they proceeded to let me and some of the other VERY CARING conselors go with just a few days notice.

Two years passed and something surfaced in my mailbox. The return address from the program where I had worked. When I opened it. It was a hand written letter inside of a beautiful card from Jane Doe.

The card read: Thank you Najai for all of your kindness and encouragement. You were always there. Somehow when you left I realized that, I had not taken advantage of all your support. I will never forget you Najai because you always saw the good in me. Today I graduated the program because you may have left but your words have and always will remain in my heart, I finally value myself. I only wish that you could have been at my graduation...

I Love you Najai,



I NEVER expected that the times that I stayed an extra shift without pay to care for the girls if they had come face to face, with the streets via running away would ever bring me such a return.

That letter arrived at a time in my life when I was not very encouraged. It was like getting a visit from God himself. I knew, me getting Jane's letter on that particular day that, God was saying YES you do make a difference!

People.... Allow your giving be from the heart and do not seek reward. If you give and feel as though you don't get back then, perhaps you are giving to gain and that is not really giving.

When you give without expecting anything back you will always reap a return! All things do for good and all rewards will be for Greatness..

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