Monday, July 20, 2009

Borrowed Sense...

Buried deep inside the heart of love
is often fear.
Passion for something or someone
makes control impossible to steer
It's Undelivered yet received
maintains it's own receipts.

No instructions included
inside the box
Love not just casualing passing by
It rushed straight to your heart
This equation containing
two powerful souls,
two beautiful spirits ,
yet tally's one force of love.
Trying to birth a vision
into fruition
that includes the powerful two.

Unsure of appropriate actions
questioning if power two should divide.
Knowing that deep in thine heart
you want "power two"to multiply.

There is wisdom and grace
if sought you will surely find
that the love tales of yesterday
and the love tales of today
are really just a diference in time.

friends solid that walked before you
tell you about how they do what they do
sharing their experience.
Now learning by listening to them
that love is about working
it's blissful accepting wisdom
and it pays to borrow sense.

(C)copyright logicalpoetist 2009 July 20

This poem is dedicated to and inspired by my KK and, One of the most beautiful couples I have ever known... M and A.

Thank you for lending baby and I your time and your wisdom.
For showing us a picture of a vision we too hold in our hearts.

Although the friendships amongst us are new we know that they will grow to be very old. I speak for both baby and myself when I say; "we're so glad that you've blessed our lives.

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