Thursday, July 2, 2009


shedding soul...

evidence in physical masses

everything from hair loss to glasses

Cup Full of thickened Molasses

still it runneth over

Watching and feeling the slow out pour sticky journey-

Lifting feet high

trying not to create a mess

Why? spoken word upon my chest

weight of lead within my breast

Least I follow the words that I write

Courgeously willing to fight the fight

Is it dark because it is really dawn

close to the break thru

continue carrying on

Pastor preaches penatrating words

child dont be overtaken by fear

A little more hope a little more time

sublime energy within the set time

Perservere, swim, to the other side-

Blindly trusting my ride

Totally reliant upon my driver...

His name is Christ

(C) copyright logicalpoetist July 2009

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