Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't Be Afraid

Life never stops testing you as long as you are breathing. There have been many challenges in our individual lives. Most of us can recall during childhood forward some form of challenge. Many can recall like experiences starting when began going to school.
For example there was the bully that was very popular and used that popularity to push others around. For some not making the sports team was very disappointing. These examples however are a fraction of some much bigger challenges.
What about the challenge of being a child victim of abuse be it physical, emotional or sexual? Unaware that these acts were shaping the way you see the world and the way the world will treat you as you grow older due to your now defensive disposition.

It can be very difficult to think highly of oneself when these type of violations have taken place. As you move through life the hurt never seems to stop. There is a certain distorted comfort in that familiar pain. In other words some people accept the mistreatment and sadly expect nothing more. There is a small population of people who seek help in a professional setting such as therapy/counseling.

Most do not as one part of their abuse may have been discouragement of such help.
Does this sound familiar? "What happens in this house stays in this house!"

The problem with this is that children grow into adults with a stereo type about therapeutic settings that is not very good and often find themselves stuck trying to figure out how to get past such pain and find their place in the world.

I have seen bully's never learn either to respect other's. They have been bullying so long and have not been introduced to karma yet. At least not in a way that caused them to think consequentially of their actions. some are in powerful positions within their careers and are continuing the abusive patterns that they had as children.
What happens to the adults that were those abused children when they end up with a superior with this habit of unhealthy aggression? How does one that never learned to advocate for themselves now do it in their adult life?

I want to encourage therapy. Some good things to be said about therapy and counseling are that people that take advantage of this tool are not crazy. As a matter of fact you are showing how truly smart you are and how much you love yourself.

Another key fact that addresses the old belief to keep family business in the house is that;secrets sicken the soul. Some secrets need to be exposed. Abuse of any kind qualifies.

there are however some things that will help make a therapeutic environment a rewarding experience. Shopping for the right therapist/counselor for you is the key to a successful experience. Take the time to have initial consultation with at least three before deciding which one you will continue to see. Consider if the sex of the person matters to you. Some people are more comfortable with males or females depending the nature of their needs.

Three things that are necessary in order to benefit from therapy are an open mind, honesty and willingness. Finally determine if you would be more comfortable in an individual counseling setting or a group setting. This can make all the difference when it comes to sharing your concerns.

The important thing is that you get the help that you need and throw out all negative teachings. Some one very close to me waited years to address an abusive pat. She was a scholar who achieved the highest academic degree possible and seemed to have the world in her lap. Then one day she suffered a nervous breakdown. She has never been the same since. I am sure that there were signs leading up to her sudden detachment from reality but, she kept ignoring them until it was too late.

If you have bouts of depression or sadness. If you are an over achiever, over eater,workaholic, substance abuser, bully, love addict, sex addict or tend to isolate from people as much as possible then you probably should consider talking with a professional. These are very dangerous and can only lead to destruction later in your life.
Things always look far away from a distance. The sooner you seek help the sooner you are on your way to a more satisfying life.

The truth is that life rarely deals anyone a fair hand.. We all have experienced some type of hurt and not everyone has the same affect but for the people that are deeply affected, please know that there is hope for you and help available to you. You only need to accept that you need it and seek it.

The Best of luck and always, May God Bless you-

Monday, July 27, 2009

Power of 200

One TRUTH is that nothing is promised.. You love and you give that's what's real. Stop trying to figure out the conclusion. God wrote your life you didn't.

Your job is to live faithfully. Believing in all things and expecting nothing. Yet expecting everything. This only makes sense if you understand the difference between entitlement and earnestness.

One must be a 100% whole being in order to reap full benefit of their own development. I don't believe in 50/50 relations. Do you know why? Think about it... If each enters the relationship with 50 percent then, both people are insanely trying to achieve having a wholesome experience..
Is that all that you want?
Both of you suffer from being incomplete souls.. A half full vision and a partial reward.

"Now if both have 100 + 100 this totals a 200 percent relationship."

There is something really beautiful about loving yourself enough to be alone until you are complete. You cheat both you and the other person when you enter their life half full or accept their mere 50 percent for yourself. Being a taker instead of a giver. Being taken instead of appreciated.
Believing that you are loving when your really hurting both souls.

I know that some can't handle this reality but, this is what's on todays menu... REALITY! I don't know who I am speaking to but if I disturbed you, if you felt a tingle in your belly or a lump in your throat? It is you.

Oh yeah,

Remember this-

God first, you second and everthing else falls into place... ACHE'

Friday, July 24, 2009

Do I...

My question is do I?
Do I place a smile
upon your face
When I act according
to style & Grace
Do I?

Do I Seduce your heart
with my gentle smile
When I say to you
stay a while.
Do I?

Do I
stimulate your intellect
with my dialogue
steal your attention
from that catalog
Do I?

When I ask please
turn that TV down
if I am not looking
will you frown or
do I
interest you in engaging me?

Do I entice your mentality
to sit and simply dream with me-
Do I?

Do I massage your mind
when we converse
discussing plans to elevate,
to achieve the dreams
we hold within
brief spells of time
we spend-

Do I
move your soul to a place
unlike any place else
you've ever gone
when I take time
to burn your favorite song,
send it via email
when you least expect

like during a meeting
or while you stand in line
writing a check-
Do I?

Do I
break into your heart
with the things I write
just like a thief in
middle of night
do I,
engage your attention
when I drag my pen across
pieces of paper
making it safer for tears to
cleanse your soul
simply because you sit alone
reading something that I wrote
Do I?

Do I intercept you
like a football game
on thanksgiving eve
because what I've written down
is just that deep?

Tell me.. is it a touch down
did I score?
Plenty more I am
willing and wanting to give

Like a delicious desert
I aim to please you
satisfy the sweet tooth
of your spirit

Do I
connect to your reality when,
I write about the paralysis
of this life
how it's handicapped innocent hearts
making them afraid to feel?

Do I enhance or even appeal
to your wondrous thoughts
Do I
make you seek within your
own soul an opportunity
to reach for more?

Do I encourage,inspire
promote your desire to
make a necessary amends
to a long lost friend

does my writing,
my blogging every day
make clear what I am trying to do
to heal or repair your hurts and pains
set you walking
in brand new shoes.

Unworn,life not torn
perhaps a reborn you
I sure hope I do

It's the only way if you say
that when I create these poems
these columns
I move you to grater heights of love,
passion and determination
to make right what has been
wrong for far too long-

Accomplishing my own goals
to penetrate souls.
Gifts of spoken words
words that make you laugh or cry
yet healed from the outside.

I need to know I've entered you
challenged you
to be better, do more
and make a difference.

Awaken your obligation
to bring unto fruition
your own purpose-

Tell me, because it inspires me
to know that I inspire you
so humbly I ask
Do I

(C)copyright logicalpoetist July 24,2009

This work inspired by my ONE...
thank you baby for letting me know that you look forward to reading my expressions every day. It truly encourages me continue doing what I love..
Thank you

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Familiar place Amazing Grace...

Moving often means staying still for the time being. It can also be a sign that you are moving on when you find yourself back in a familiar place. Often we will ask God to please just get us out of here (current place, job or other particular environment.
We may feel like he is not listening because we can see no way out. Perhaps it is bad timing. The kids education and schooling would be interrupted. Maybe the finances available are not sufficient to make the relocation. Ever stop to think that the delay is simply your higher power (whatever you believe in)God just working out your request? Remember, the world was not created in a day.

Greatness is carefully crafted. Do you believe that you are so important that your
(higher power)God wants you to have everything that you want? It's true. Here is a quote borrowed from one of my favorite literary works;
"We have come to understand that God's will for us is our own true will for ourselves."

As human beings we are subjected by our emotions. Looking only at what we can see... The situation as it appears. What would happen if we just believed that when things look impossible and God seems to not be listening that we Trusted him anyway? I know what would happen, do you? see God thrives on Faith. Not just faith but, faith in him. When he knows that we trust and believe in him from our hearts; He is committed to us. He is obligated to fulfill his promises. God's word is not void!

If you ask you will receive but ONLY by believing... Seek God first and all other things shall be added. God is deserving of us seeking him, living for him and loving him. He went to the cross for you. If you've never thought it over then please do. Imagine the scene....

Here you are in a compromising position with a gunman and your best friend. The gunman targets you to harm and possibly kill.
Your best friend steps forward and says No! Take my life instead. Your friend tells the gunman reasons why it should be him/her instead of you. The gunman says very well then.
He begins to "pistol whip" your best friend in the head. He then picks up a large stick and begins beating your friend all over his/her body. Blood is everywhere.

Your friend is beaten so badly that, he/she stops speaking... His/her Limbs are bent in every direction, they're barely breathing and is now completely unrecognizable.
The gunman then draws his pistol toward the back of your best friends head and BANG! He fires. Your friend is now dead.

This is what Jesus did for you... Except his entire death was slow torture.
He was not fortunate enough to be taken out by a single gunshot. He was beaten and beaten and beaten until he just took his last breath..
Do you think that after all that God is worthy to be trusted?

If the desires of our hearts are not dressed in garments of urgency often we resort to doubting God. Some even slander him! Asking "where are you when I need you"... Some even try to make things happen despite all the obvious obstacles.

When it does not work out exactly how you've planned you further blame God.
However if you believe that your (higher power) God, has your best interest at heart then "waited patiently upon the Lord". You would activate a blessing so much more than you could possibly understand.

God does things BIG! His plan is always bigger than ours. He always knows what is before us far before we do.He knows the beginning and the end of each of our lives.

I am so comfortable trusting him now that, someone could say Najai, we called to tell you that you did not get the requested amount of your loan but we can extend you a small portion of what you've asked.

Immediately I may choose to feel defeated and overwhelmed. However I do not flinch. Suddenly my phone rings; and on the other end a random friend may call and say "I am going to GIVE you the rest of what you need... By the way.. "you need not pay me back.." It is a gift!
Now I have more than enough. In addition I do not have payment obligations to meet.

My attachment to what may have become stressful has been cancelled!If you have never tried to trust him just do it! Let him be the driver in your life.

It's not about religion. It is simply about believing in God. He let's us
know in his word what he wants.
CHRIST's request- "believe that "I am the son of man and have died for your sake" confess it this with thine tongue.Despite what churches may tell you or make it seem... God says "come as you are."
This simply means come to him with just your desire to know him.

If you find that you have gone back to an old familiar place then don't feel that you have failed. Maybe you have lived in Ohio most your life but, have spent the last 5 years in Florida. Currently you desire to make a new move but by default you end up back in Ohio.

Asking your self, "why am I back here?" "I hate it here!" You just cannot fathom the point of ending back in this place and you feel outright angry about it.
A year goes by and you decided six months ago to accept, that you must be back in Ohio for a reason. Therefore over the past six months you have realigned your attitude and decided "Let me make the best of it."

This new attitude of acceptance is actually you coming to trust that you must be there for a reason and is now evident of your reliance upon (your higher power)God and whatever he has in store for you.

Your 90 year old uncle passes away and leaves a will that names you as beneficiary to his estate valued at 6.5 million dollars. Turns out that he favored you more than his other children because for the last year since, moving back to Ohio you visited him 2hours a day 3 times a week and that improved the quality of his life. In fact your presence made such a difference. He decided since his own children put him in a nursing home and never visited or called; Leaving the Nursing staff to care for him and call his family once he dies that, he would rather give you 100 percent of his estate.
Bet you never saw that coming!!! well... God did. Do not gripe today about a tomorrow that you are only blessed by his grace to see. Tomorrow was never promised.

If you choose to trust God allowing him to steer and direct your ride without complaining; I promise you that you shall be rewarded.
You only need to be determined not to try and drive. Believe that (your higher power) God is worthy of trust, faith and love and show him the evidence this within your heart... He will show up and show out! Are you willing?

Sometimes we are back in a familiar place to to recieve the GIFT of God's amazing grace-

(C) copyright logicalpoetist July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How Do You Know

When you love
love so deep
How do you know
What's on the others
you enter the room
Your tummy tingles
The moments beat

Feeling as if
somethings wrong
You've asked but
it's been denied
Access to your loves
internal truth
Of what is held deep

wanting to believe
is what the future

Summer is winter
Winter is winter
winter is brisk
and unusually

no longer works
It appears to have
grown old

To not be sure if
it is okay..
Simply to exhale
How do you know
from day to day
That the boat is
not just a sail

how do you know
From day to day
No one REALY knows...

Go for the journey
As you moving,
your learning

true intensions..
deepest Yearning
will reveal a Mum

(C) copyright logicalpoetist July 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Borrowed Sense...

Buried deep inside the heart of love
is often fear.
Passion for something or someone
makes control impossible to steer
It's Undelivered yet received
maintains it's own receipts.

No instructions included
inside the box
Love not just casualing passing by
It rushed straight to your heart
This equation containing
two powerful souls,
two beautiful spirits ,
yet tally's one force of love.
Trying to birth a vision
into fruition
that includes the powerful two.

Unsure of appropriate actions
questioning if power two should divide.
Knowing that deep in thine heart
you want "power two"to multiply.

There is wisdom and grace
if sought you will surely find
that the love tales of yesterday
and the love tales of today
are really just a diference in time.

friends solid that walked before you
tell you about how they do what they do
sharing their experience.
Now learning by listening to them
that love is about working
it's blissful accepting wisdom
and it pays to borrow sense.

(C)copyright logicalpoetist 2009 July 20

This poem is dedicated to and inspired by my KK and, One of the most beautiful couples I have ever known... M and A.

Thank you for lending baby and I your time and your wisdom.
For showing us a picture of a vision we too hold in our hearts.

Although the friendships amongst us are new we know that they will grow to be very old. I speak for both baby and myself when I say; "we're so glad that you've blessed our lives.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

He Did Not Complain

She started telling me
her expectation
soon undergoing
another operation

she's already had
three surgeries
My friend...
"I am scared"
She said to me

Not to negate her feelings
they're real and important to her.
Listening closely letting her say
all that she needed to.

As she is speaking,
I am thinking
how do I encourage her heart?
Reliant upon my own faith
My own depenendence upon God.

When she finished talking
I asked- Do you believe in him?
Speaking very swiftly
she answers.. Yes I do.

responding very boldly
I asked then why do you
travel in fears shoes?

My friend told me
of how she prays and prays
frustration passionately
racing from her voice
now shouting she exclaims
"still I have buy,bad days

Firmly she states
that she does not understand
Where God is in her life
why her life appears so bland

Explaining to her as best I could
It's not about you praying good

May I encourage a faith increase
from the epitome of you heart
you must release
tell him that you believe

Say aloud Lord,
only you can remove me
from this wretchet place
remake my life
with style and grace

pick me up from off the ground
Give me peace so I
sleep safe and sound

More and more my passion grew
feeling my dialogue breaking through

Pray my sister yes do pray
DO NOT however leave out faith

It is impossible to please God without...
He's canceled fear, removed your doubt
The only way you will feel alone
is if you relieve him of His throne

children of God shall we always be
sons and daughters of The king
It really is not complicated
Your heart your soul
Jesus, God.. Are
all intergrated

Believe and confess
from thine mouth
Jesus came
died for you and
he did not pout

bearing stakes unto his
hands and feet
Why do you complain of
foolish things!

Thank Him, thank Him
all the time
Although things may not
seem right
don't you whine
Envision your life
With your Spiritual sight

Pray, pray and never stop
keep faith inside your heart
Without faith you make it hard
but with it you will surely
please God-


Remember ; Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:01

By faith we understand that the world is framed by the word of God so, the things which are seen are not made by the things which are visible.

Hebrews 11:3

(C)copyright logicalpoetist July 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009


This is a day that we have been fortunate to see. Many all across the world did not awaken this morning. Some lay undiscovered, yet asleep forever because they lived alone.
Another heading to work got into a car accident, collided and died.
someone else just awoke suffering a stroke or, was whirlwinded during night into a coma..

There are Many who despite these examples, awoke using expletives to describe their disappointment at something as innocent as the weather. Several of these folks will find buried within their cursing,justifications not to go into work or, to cancel the days plans.

Why is it that RAIN can generate such motivation to procrastinate? Did not GOD send the RAIN? Just as he sends the sun, Moon and stars.

Has anyone out there ever stepped out into the rain, letting it fall down upon them?
There is a certain freeing feeling about it.

Have you ever just pulled a chair out to the door front during the RAIN and just shut your eyes and listened. The sound of the rain wraps itself around your breathing. "Just thinking about that is soothing."

My fondest memory of RAIN is of my best friend and I being in the pool in her backyard. We we're about nine years old. Suddenly it began to down poor heavily. The drops were so big that, they felt life soft,jelly pops hitting the top of our heads.

Prompted by her mama we had to leave the pool but, we had been having so much fun that we did not want to go inside. Instead what we did was run around the thickly grassed yard playing with her dog while the rain just poured down on us! The smell of the freshly cut, rich green grass is so vivid in my mind. Throwing Frisbie and ball until we worked up an appetite.

Yes we loved the RAIN. It always confused me as a child and even today when,someone responds to RAIN as though it is a bad habit. Saying things like "UGH!"What an awful day!"As an adult I have parked and listened to the RAIN splatting atop the car roof while completing a paper, a project for business or created a materpiece of poetic word.

Sharing the rains beat with the rythm of smooth Jazz while, leaned back in my car seat. Allowing my mind to simply relax and slow down the days race. At times drifting into a much needed nap..

Yes, RAIN is be beautiful. It is all in how you choose to see it. Even if you were taught to dismiss RAIN as as dreary, or too much to deal with. To call off the days plans or see it as a reason to skip class or work is unacceptable., you do hold the power of change.

Someone once told me if something is gone wrong; as long as we have life
-we can still make it right.
I always teach that life is about choices. We choose the way we think, we choose the way we respond. Challenge your old thinking to become better thinking and you can come face to face with your best responses.

Ultimately, you are rewarding yourself with some of your best experiences!The Greatest thing about the RAIN is that it inspires the soul to say "peace be still" not soul be stiff!If it rains in your City today grab hold the opportunity to appreciate the RAIN. For the reason that RAIN is sent is because the universe appreciates you.

God Bless you and have a WONDERFUL DAY IN THE RAIN-

(C) copyright logicalpoetist July 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nanas & Grandmas Gone

Heavy heart
held inside a pain
extended out
gentle loving words No More
now a scream or shout

grandma and nana
did it differently
carrying their own
style and grace

Hands that bathed you
prayers that saved you
tied your hair,
bundled you up
took you place to place

children now...
Sad for them
their nanas their grandmas
are so very so young
Not taking the time
to teach their babes
Not even trying
to watch their tongue

These precious children
what will they do
when faced with tough choices
as we know they will

Having not taken time
to show them life
beyond a window sill

Nana and grandma
made hot meals
early in the morn
ready all for a belly full
awake since crack of dawn

Prayers said
teeth brushed

so when called
to the table
we all rushed

ready for hot
cooked food
and to be sure
we had structure
Nana and grandma
sat with us too

A set of four
deep eyes lurking
our every move

Table manners
must be obeyed
better be watching what you do

Sunday morning
no time to play
eat up, get ready
for Sunday school.

To the Church house
we head to hear
the praecher preach

messages consistant
with what nana and grandma teach

Do unto others
what you wish them
to do unto you
don't steal,or
fill your mouth
with lies,
always tell the truth

Nana and grandmas of today
where has your courageous spirit gone
To stand firm and show loving examples
while teaching right from wrong

It's not right that you curse at the children
and expect they understand
What happened to tanning that backside
with a gentle loving hand

Nana and grandma
just because your young
and do not look your age
does not negate responsibility
for you to set the stage

wish every one
could have the elders
I was blessed to have
in my life
being strong examples
of grandmothers
while being
an awesome wife

Pray, pray for the young
pray, pray we must
for the elders too
Somehow everyone
is all off course
the children
they are just lost
not knowing what to do

On streets is where
their seeking love
no more backyards
with swings
No more gardens
filled with tomatoes
ears of corn, sweet yams
or green beans

Nana and grandama
in this day and time
not focused on a mortgage
not trying to save a dime
Who will pay for college

where shall the children go
Nanas and grandmas
Stand up and please...
take back your role

Grace responsibilty back
into your hands.
Save our children
your children
most children
have all seem
to have lost hope-

(C)copyright logicalpoetist July 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The suggestion was made that sometimes we give and give to get nothing in retun.

When giving in the spirit realm we expect nothing back.

The bible says that GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER

In spirit giving is equal to charity. Think of giving as making a donation. Sometimes the deposit made to a soul has no price tag. It is simply Too valuable.
The value may not yet be evident to the recipient or the giver.

For many years I worked in Human services counseling Teens. In one particular setting I dealt with a group of very rebellious girls. One particular young lady that we will call Jane Doe for annonimity sake was by far, the most resistant to the help that was being offered to her. She was determiined to hurt herself in any way that she possibly could.

She induced unto her undeveloped physique all types of street pharmacuticals, she prostituted her body, her mind and she tried on many occasions to just end it.

I never gave up on her all though the other staff had casted her into a soup bowl of statistics. My superiors would ask me. "What is it about this kid that you put so much into her."

I did not have an answer because I put equal care into all the other kids in the program.
To date I believe that I was layed off from that job because, I was the favorite counselor of all the kids. A few of my colleagues thought it not right but they proceeded to let me and some of the other VERY CARING conselors go with just a few days notice.

Two years passed and something surfaced in my mailbox. The return address from the program where I had worked. When I opened it. It was a hand written letter inside of a beautiful card from Jane Doe.

The card read: Thank you Najai for all of your kindness and encouragement. You were always there. Somehow when you left I realized that, I had not taken advantage of all your support. I will never forget you Najai because you always saw the good in me. Today I graduated the program because you may have left but your words have and always will remain in my heart, I finally value myself. I only wish that you could have been at my graduation...

I Love you Najai,



I NEVER expected that the times that I stayed an extra shift without pay to care for the girls if they had come face to face, with the streets via running away would ever bring me such a return.

That letter arrived at a time in my life when I was not very encouraged. It was like getting a visit from God himself. I knew, me getting Jane's letter on that particular day that, God was saying YES you do make a difference!

People.... Allow your giving be from the heart and do not seek reward. If you give and feel as though you don't get back then, perhaps you are giving to gain and that is not really giving.

When you give without expecting anything back you will always reap a return! All things do for good and all rewards will be for Greatness..

(C) copyright logicapoetist July 2009


When words suspend into air
no time to seize withdrawal
For all we know we're at the end
there will be no time tomorrow
Moment in time is short for sure-

Never guaranteed
Live for the greatness
love through all challenges
Faith... commands a mustard seed

All may be lost
gone and never to be found again
Lessons won..
Totality still whispers secrets (silent pause)
of an accounted blessing-

(c) copyright logicalpoetist July 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heart "Felt"

The heart is a very delicate organ. An organ that carries physical power. If it were to stop ones life sadly ends. It also has emotional power. If disappointed by something it produces emotional pain.

Is one worse than the other? Emotional damage can be the death of self-esteem, it can be the death of confidence, assurance, and security.

These are all so very important to a being. Who should take responsibility for the heart? The individual that it belongs to cannot take responsibility in the spirit of their damaged emotion. They have more than likely become emotionally handicapped.
Some times when some one is hurt emotionally support sources encourage, "pull yourself together and move on." This is difficult if one is disabled. They need help.

The heart has been damaged so much in recent times that TRUST is also a big issue.
Many people are divorcing and seperating as the result of foolish decision making.

Told secrets, infidelity,"petty theft", lies, backstabbing to name a few. Once these acts have been committed victims of such violations lose faith in people and now walk with "Emotional armor" on.

An innocent and uninvolved person enters that persons life hoping to experience a new and refreshing healthy relationship only to come face to face with issues. Those issues infectiously destroy the relationship.

The CYCLE continues and the world is turning out more and more of this unhealthiness.
Emotional heart pain ignites physical detractors such as heart diseas, heart attacks, strokes, and even addiction.

Who is caring for the heart? A most needed organ...

If people were in the practice of stopping and thinking about what they say and do, the curtailing of Heartache and heartbreak would be the impact and the overall result would be a better a healthier world.


(C) copyright logicalpoetist July 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Healing or Hurting

There were four girls that traveled together daily.
Every day that they awoke they never failed to ring eachothers phone. They started each day talking about other people in a noncontributal capacity.

Their conversations were as follows:

I "wonder what she will have on today?"
"Did you see that ugly handbag that she had on the other day?"
"It did not match her outfit at all."

Gyyyyyrl! "How about the news that John and Sandra broke up?"
These are just a few light examples of the type of confusion (an act causing a disorderly combination of elements with identities lost and distinctions blended; "the confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel) that these girls lived for.
The funny thing is that these girls are miniature versions of women that many of us see in the work place, and even in church..

Gossip is not of God
The truth is that if someone has so much time to put others down then, what time are they spending to improve upon their own imperfections?
Not one person has it all together in every area of their life. There is always room for improving ones own life,attitude or circumstances.


There are so many wrongs pertaining to GOSSIP...

It hurts others
It speaks to the truthe about you and how you feel about self
It starts trouble if not conveyed properly
It can even destroy a friendship or relationship

Old habbits are hard to break and this one is usually a sign of immaturity. Yes some adults are still stuck. It is one thing to be a child and be immature but it is truly an embarassment to be an immature thirty, forty, or sixty year old.

"Get it together!"

Altough hard to break these shortcomings can be made better. The next time someone calls to give you the latest drama. Check them.. Let them know that you have surpassed that time... It feels so good to say! The shock and embarrassment it causes the person that you sa id it too may force them to take a look within.

So now instead of starting "forest fires" you are putting them out!
Making a positive impact verses a negative one.
Which would you rather be known for?


(C) copyright logicalpoetict July 2oo9

Monday, July 6, 2009


There is a time when Spirit meets Soul. We all come to a place within time when our spirit demands accountability to our place of peace, Love and light.
Some that achieve this "higher level" via religion and many through spirituality or other non-religious experiences.

It is that deep feeling of dis-satisfaction with ones lingering aimlessly within this great universe. For those who have experienced this it is an experience short of nothing less than AMAZING.
We all have an "inner voice" that speaks to us. It is the feeling that one has in the epitome of their belly when something simply is not right. When the spirit and soul of a man are not in alignment with the Universe/GOD then they begin to feel a desire to reach for fulfillment. NO ONE leaves planet earth without the beckoning of this call for "Higher Living".

If there is a whole hearted adherance to it then, one will encounter something that is uniquely tailored to the individual that answers.

There are no specific instructions and everyone will have their own time of appointment; An invitation mandated by their own development.

For those that have come face to face with their divine self-
"If you in fact find that somehow you have wondered off your path." Let me encourage that you can always re-direct your feet. You know the steps back to your RIGHTFUL PLACE. Perhaps to the next level of your place. Once you've made the connection, it is never truly lost. Human beings lose focus but never sight as it pertains to spirit.

This reconnection if dwindled is necessary. Life is simply a time given to man/woman to achieve the highest place possible before time is up. It is absolutely nothing to do with material gain- If wasted then we have failed ourselves WILLINGLY...Each day is an opportunity to seek the achievment of GREATNESS! If a soul has an undefined spirit then it is a vacant soul and posseses no power to make a difference.

Every human being has the ability to meet their own divinity and make a profound impact upon the world. If something within you is dis-satisfied then your soul is seeking spiritual satisfaction.

(C) copyright logicalpoetist July 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009


shedding soul...

evidence in physical masses

everything from hair loss to glasses

Cup Full of thickened Molasses

still it runneth over

Watching and feeling the slow out pour sticky journey-

Lifting feet high

trying not to create a mess

Why? spoken word upon my chest

weight of lead within my breast

Least I follow the words that I write

Courgeously willing to fight the fight

Is it dark because it is really dawn

close to the break thru

continue carrying on

Pastor preaches penatrating words

child dont be overtaken by fear

A little more hope a little more time

sublime energy within the set time

Perservere, swim, to the other side-

Blindly trusting my ride

Totally reliant upon my driver...

His name is Christ

(C) copyright logicalpoetist July 2009