Monday, June 29, 2009


The weekend was emotional for a large portion of the country at the loss of Michael Jackson..
I am encouraged this morning as a result to talk about how important it is not to take time for granted.. Some times we need to just let go via the act of forgivness.

There comes a time in life when we all experience disappointment, sadness or are just outright wronged by a situation or another human being. When we ourselves are the wrong doer. At the end of the day we are all human and no one is without flaw. We all make mistakes.


Perhaps their is a circumstance or a person that has wronged us or that we ourselves have wronged. Holding on to anger about it can only infuse long term internal and external pain. It strips us of an ability to trust another situation or person. We find ourselves on the look out, expecting that the next experience will bring about the same disappointing result. Therefore we approach something new with an attitude based on that previous experience.

What happens is the energy that is used to be angry is eating away at your heart and attitude and causing stress to your body. Although you may not realize it. Secondly you may be hurting someone who does not deserve it because they were not a part of building this anger, hurt or disappointment that dwells within you.

If you think about it-

It really is not fair no matter who is getting the brunt. Be good to yourself and others. When most people mess up they feel bad enough. You don't need an apology to excersise forgiveness.

Forgiving is for you more so than the other person.

Let's say that you feel that your company as a whole has wronged you. Your feelings may be that "after 10 years of dedication to your job" they are laying you off with only 2 weeks notice.. "how can they do this to me" your thinking.. Does not seem fair does it? Is your forgiveness going to matter to your former business? Not really.. It's indeed a business. Your forgiveness of the act of laying you off will better you and reposition you.

It will set the tone of your attitude to get out there and find a new position.. Perhaps if you let go of being upset about it, you will find a dormant spark to start your own business... The point I make is that holding on can only hinder you...

Remember that if you choose, you can choose to lose... You can also choose to move forward and get on to the next thing therefore you've chosen a winning attitude.
A closed door just means that a season has come to an end and an opportunity for newness has arrived.
Embrace all the opportunities in your life because you never know what seed your soul may be sewing. If you live and forgive today you will never regret yesterday...

Life is a precious gift don't waste it on anger spend it on love.

Be kind despite what it looks like.. It does not make you weak.. It really builds character.. Most of all you feel good knowing that if it were your last day on earth you've left no stone un-turned.
Forgive thine neighbor today... tomorrow may be too late-

May God Bless you and keep you this day and Always...

(C) copyright logicalpoetist June 2009

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