Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Things to remember

Things to remember When you openly share your story you are exposing yourself vulnerabily to a world that cannot comprehend it's own creator. EXPECT that people will criticize you for being so honest. REMEMBER.. honesty is the sweet honey taste of realness. REMEMBER... that your writing speaks to your courageous surpass. REMEMBER that your voice struck silence in the face and left a scar on soul. REMEMBER... that you lyrically orchestrated your own healing while others paid someone with three letters behind their name, hundreds of dollars and finished the session still aloof of who they are. When you write your own story and release it to the world REMEMBER that you opened yourself up for your freedom of speech to be mis-understood, mis-construed and mis-interpreted by people unqualified to free themselves. REMEMBER so that you will stay proud that it is you who wrote your story to help the unqualified to be free. (C) 2013 Logicalpoetist/InkedlogicPatterns INC.

Pen womanship

It is here that I wish to thank you "Sister writer" because here in my own space, do I feel safe. This I know you understand "Sister writer." Why it is I feel safe here(my electronic journal)in this place. Found my comfort at the innocent age of eight in a journal given me by Aunty. She said child- I bought this for you since you are so quiet.. but I imagine you have much to say. She was right. Behind the walls of my lost expressions were screams of impotent words like help me, I am hurting. Tears that grew tired of being pushed back so they simply stopped showing up. They are present now that I am writing you sister writer. Gurrrrrl! You have no idea how much you inspire me. You speak to me although we don't even talk. It is in this private message that I wish to thank you because I remember you in a time (early 90's... healing me once when, I was so internally wounded- I was twenty. You wrote me a letter as the result of me sharing with you in your kitchen in Jamaica Plain. I shared with you my brokeness. One week later you put me back together word by carefully chosen and eloquently spoken word. Just the fact that I was still on your mind after... and that you took time out to write me. In that correspondence, You inspired me.. not to quit on me. You told me how special,and how beautiful I was then. You told me that I can make it and that I was able to become ANYTHING and most importantly- loved. Often when you tag me in your musings you are saying these things again.. To the world yes but.. also to me.. When you write RBW sometimes it, is the unlocking even today of, a surpressed voice burried so deeply that I'd forgotten her (my experiences.)Life proudly handed me so much trauma, so young that, I just colored it all grey. Then after 20 plus years of separation.. I found you on Facebok just a few days after I found your now antique letter.How ironic! You did not remember the letter and later courageously confessed that you did not really remember me. So we reintroduced ourselves to the threshhold of a New friendship. (: I read your work and it is so powerful. I share in the joy of your accomplishments when you tell of them. I am inspired by you even within my own accolades from those that see that kind of greatness in me. Yes RBW you are an amazing writer. I mean AMAZING! Your pen speaks to my old crinkled journals at times. Especially when you write about family and Love and GOD. Do you know that you include GOD when you write? I ask only because; I was asked the same and No... I had No idea. I had to go back and read my material after being asked so many times by so many different people. Then.... I saw Christ there, Right there between lines that, I Najai had written. Sister writer this piece is for you because you are My modern day inspiration as a writer. When I was a child it was Nikki Giovani and Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes and Angela Davis. Today... I choose you and I thought it would do your heart good to know the blessing that your gift brings a spirit once so very broken; Now so very blessed! Lunch with you on a trip home to Boston is my modern day wish. Twenty years ago my wish was to sit and talk with Maya Angelou. What do you think about that? By the way. I am scheduled to be there June 25th to July 10th. July 6th is my birthday. Hey they say ask for what you want. I want to have lunch with the humble, sweet talented spirit, Robin Bobbie White. Can you pencil me in? I'd be honored. Lastly, Thank you for choosing to write and share. All the time. You have been a Blessing to me and I am sure many others. Thank you! Najai (LogicalPoetist)Author Thank you Sister writer Dedicated to Robin Bobbie White, Author