Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Process of Determination

It is spring within my soul yet it's brisk.. Internal storms rage.
Rebukes all blame.
Trying to change what's been the same old

Forty five times three hundred-sixty five.
Fractionally seven times..
The opposite of heaven split so un-even,
Child within screaming~I know u remember but I must ask..
why is the present identical to past?
Mirrors glare blank stares of moments that don't last.
Just upstaged attempts to heal
leave the past the past.

Dreams born in the midst of threats to kill them.
And me... I am determined to spill them.
Unbending my back. Standing up straight despite all odds.
Focusing on the God that's within me...

Hurts no less and still stains me blue.
Fistful of faith still carries me through.
Hands that cannot be seen upholding me.
Gentle voice against my lobe.. I am listening...
Whisperings of encouragement battling at and
Against discouragement.
Deciding to stay with it.
My determination-

(C) 2012 Logicalpoetist

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