Sunday, July 17, 2011

"What it look like"

ones exterior should be a reflection of what’s inside them. We know that we are made in the image and likeness of God. This alone tells us that we are perfectly and wonderfully made. Should we not illustrate this in our outer appearance? If you are pondering this question; the answer is yes.
Now, I don’t propose materialistic defines of ones being, rather spiritual content of ones overall character.
In other words if one lives a spiritual lifestyle then , it will be evident and beyond the body.

Have you ever heard someone refer to their body as their temple? We know that a temple is considered a place of worship. It is a place deserving of edification. How do we edify the body? We should feed it healthy and nutritious foods, like vegetables, whole grains, protein and water. We should bathe it, with natural soaps and lubricate it with pure oils and fine lotions and cologne. Finally, we should decorate it ,so that we look like we care about ourselves. Now let me park here parenthetically for a moment; Clothes do not equal happiness, neither are garments of any kind indicative of having it all together. However, if one is spiritually grounded then they are happy and this will be reflected in how they look before they step outside their door.

Certainly, when time is given to grooming ones hair, coordinating fashion and style of ones clothing this says; not just that we look nice. Also, that we are reflections of Godly beings and want the world to know it!

It is impossible to be made in the likeness and image of God and look a mess. That is why being made in HIS IMAGE lends responsibility to an individual to care about the overall being of the body mind and spirit.

Ask yourself do I look how I feel, or do I feel how I look? Your answer will tell you if your interior and exterior are married to one another.

Remember the only one that can present the best you is you.

God Bless

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