Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prophecy of A Poetess

In just 5 hours WE will say farewell, to the 2011 experience. Whatever it has been for each of us... Personally, I look forward to SPRINKLING IT'S ASHES INTO THE WIND.. As I step out of my old, worn shoes, into new ones, my soles/soul may squeak with resistence to the unfamiliar. Perhaps they will even crack. I have decided not to polish them anymore. Simply to throw them away.


At 12:01 am, I shall slip into a fresh pair of soles & Souls. This process ordained by the spirit of the Holy ghost. My feet have been washed, anointed witht Fine oil and graced of the power to step onto blessed ground. From this day forward, through out the end of earthly time; I have been made able to walk, only on Cotton- white clouds, Emerld Green grass and Red carpets.

See you all in 2012 with my New spiritual eyes and God fearing smile indicative of inspiration to follow. Hug you then with my unconditional arms of Love; I will be of service to you with excitement. May you all eat of the epihanic mana that fall fraily from my regurgitations. My wisdom is a blessing from God that I can only keep by sharing it with you.

(C) 2011 8pm....... Logicalpoetist ND