Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Will you pass the test?

There is an old saying; "give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, Teach a man how to fish and he shall eat for a lifetime. Well what do you do when the teaching is immoral? It is evident that what is being taught will feed you. At least in the physical sense; It will open the door for quick cash, seeming to resolve the need at hand. The pressure of being hungry, thirsty, lonely where one stands and simply tired of standing. This is a dangerous place. It is a time when you can guarantee that the forces of evil will dress themselves up real pretty and present themselves before you.

"The question is:

Will you yield to temptation or will you wait on God?"

Grandma used to say; "child all that glitters ain't gold." You wondered then what she was talking about. I have had my back flattened to the wall and my mind loaded with heavy thoughts. The bills and the bill collectors calling my phone and streaming my mailbox. I've seen the shadows come and felt them hanging over my head. I have gone to the ice box and saw only ice, I have awaken in the morning to find my only means of transportation gone. I have asked for help and no one answered my cry and then suddenly. I realized that someone was watching and listening to the whole spiral. I looked up and there was a "sweet resolution." Oh, how it looked good. Smelled good and I could clearly see that it would get me up out of this mess.

Yet, when I looked a little bit closer; I could see that there were thorns on that seeming way out. If I touched it, I would get pricked. There are times that we reach just a little too fast to resolve our own problems because desperation is beating down our door. I tell you that this is the time to Latch on to faith. See just like the adversary is listening to your problems. Most importantly, so is God. If you wait on him, put your trust in him he won't feed you for a day but, rather a lifetime.

Now some of you are thinking "if God is so good then, why am I in this situation in the first place?" That is a very intelligent question.... I encourage you to be honest with yourself and ask yourself have you been following God's instructions for your life. I encourage you to look deeply into yourself for the answer. Most times it is we ourselves that create our problems by not listening to the spiritual teachings provided us. We think that we control our destiny, so we fell prey to ways in which we thought made us a little better off. We can see now that our way did not work, it only provided for the time being. I tell you that it is testing time once again. What will you do? Will you seek yet again, your own resolution or will this time you allow the Lord to show you how to fish? The water from the well is fresher than the water from the glass. It is also plentiful.

(C) logicalpoetist March 2010