Friday, August 20, 2010

Necessary Beats

Photo Is Titled:Energy
Creator is unknown and photo is borrowed and not used for profit

What great work is really done
If hurt is inflicted on even one
One worth less one penny
least multiplied by many
has little ability
to purchase anything of value
decreased is the quality
of life least filled with strife
to say something powerful
through actions
see the fact is people talk
while sitting down
yet it's walking the talk
that crowns a head
truth is some things don't come
quick as a matter of fact
easily gained easily sick
regurgitating sorrow rather
manifesting and solidifying tomorrows
guaranteeing security
saddest thing ever seen is a
dream that came true today
lost by tomorrow's eve
so now the dreamer is
left to grieve and their story goes like this...
Once upon a time
I used to have a life of abundance,
Man you should have seen my mansion
full of beautiful things
countless rings were right here
in this mahogany jewelry box
oh but that was long ago
but I'll show you.
I'll gain it all back again
Not once realizing the real sin
was poor management
See it was that senseless dreamer
that thought that they were the stream liner
of their own talents and destiny
now I don't propose that
one should serve the same God as me
but, I tell you
- you better sure have a sense
of some reality bigger than man
especially bigger than self
that kind of vanity will surely
bring you to the mirror
and no where else can you run
when face to face with that truth
well I think I've made my point but before I go
Listen to the youth.
Can't count them out
can't shut then down
If courageous enough to hear
their voices
your heart will beat to
rhythms of truth

(C)logocalpoetist August 2010

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