Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What have I done to be deserving?

Today, I am pondering the people in my life. Particularly friends. They are my reflections of self. I am aware today of the significance of having solid friendships. God did not place us on this planet to be alone. Yet everyone here is not our friend. We all have a purpose indeed; yet not necessarily to each. We are attracted to one another by physics, by spirit, by commonality.
Have you ever really taken a deep look into the eyes of your friends. If so what you should find there is love, concern, compassion, interest in your dialogue, support of your dreams or vision for your life. I am inspired this morning to write about my friendships because undoubtedly, I am blessed with some of the best friends that this universe can offer me. My friends are a compliment to the wellness of my being. We all experience sadness and no one ever really knows the depth of an others pain, hurt, or disappointment. The last thing that we want when going through an emotional time is to feel that no one cares. Sometimes, we don't hear the depth of an other's cry for help and sometimes, we leave people alone in that way. This is OK as long as it's not YOU in need of support right? I think not.

Let us remember to be as we were commanded by God; responsible for one another. Someone needs to hear from you today. If you don't know who, just pick up the phone and reach out to a friend that perhaps you have not spoken to in weeks, months or years. Perhaps send them a literary correspondence letting them know that they are not forgotten. I am thankful that although most of my friends are far and few, I have been divinely favoured when I look at my selection of friends. I see pieces of myself in them and them in me. I now live in a place where I was not birthed and therefore have no roots. Yet, I am establishing new friendships and can see, and feel the exchanges of emotions. There is the existing compassion, concern for my well being and support of my vision for my life. FOR THE FREENESS OF THESE GIFTS WHAT HAVE I DONE TO BE DESERVING? As I think about it... I am careful and do not mean to appear tainted by vanity. Yet, I say for the purpose of inspiration only; being a good friend must have a lot to do with it.

The most powerful force in the universe is KARMA. The Lord promises that if we sow a good seed, we shall reap a fruitful harvest. Today, may you take the time to think about who you are, what contributions you are making to others.

GOD BLESS you & your friendships.

(C) logicalpoetist March 2010


  1. Thank you Naj. This is indeed spiritual food from which to feast. Intangible gifts such as these words are truly priceless. I will reach out...because I am blessed and I do know that I can't keep what I don't give away...Always, Sharon

  2. Najai, I was very impressed with your dialect your very creative and I can see you writing books.


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