Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heart "Felt"

The heart is a very delicate organ. An organ that carries physical power. If it were to stop ones life sadly ends. It also has emotional power. If disappointed by something it produces emotional pain.

Is one worse than the other? Emotional damage can be the death of self-esteem, it can be the death of confidence, assurance, and security.

These are all so very important to a being. Who should take responsibility for the heart? The individual that it belongs to cannot take responsibility in the spirit of their damaged emotion. They have more than likely become emotionally handicapped.
Some times when some one is hurt emotionally support sources encourage, "pull yourself together and move on." This is difficult if one is disabled. They need help.

The heart has been damaged so much in recent times that TRUST is also a big issue.
Many people are divorcing and seperating as the result of foolish decision making.

Told secrets, infidelity,"petty theft", lies, backstabbing to name a few. Once these acts have been committed victims of such violations lose faith in people and now walk with "Emotional armor" on.

An innocent and uninvolved person enters that persons life hoping to experience a new and refreshing healthy relationship only to come face to face with issues. Those issues infectiously destroy the relationship.

The CYCLE continues and the world is turning out more and more of this unhealthiness.
Emotional heart pain ignites physical detractors such as heart diseas, heart attacks, strokes, and even addiction.

Who is caring for the heart? A most needed organ...

If people were in the practice of stopping and thinking about what they say and do, the curtailing of Heartache and heartbreak would be the impact and the overall result would be a better a healthier world.


(C) copyright logicalpoetist July 2009