Monday, September 14, 2009


Looking forward not behind
Big knuckles keep writing
blind words speak beyond
what it's fighting...

Seek warmth in a smile
Flames igniting passion,
a powerful reaction,
opinionated non facts
cracks in ones back gives
no slack to unwritten acts
stand up don't dare sit
never --it
Refuse to
say the word

If you ask the question
curiosity will pay
just may, like what
it has to say...
Going to be said any way

Reasons exist, chances missed
insist on a change of season
Breathe in... Now ease in,
to where you are loved..

Have fun, Laugh, Live.
Make life a play ground!
Live your life make your
living good, make your laugh
Laugh extremely loud!

(C)logicalpoetist September 2009

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