Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Challenge of change"

My eyes could not believe what was before them as I watched..
While I said nothing, I observed everything.
There was a certain disturbance
in time as, turmoil fell into the room.

A sudden draft of anger a bold determination to make
within points a powerful statement...

Volcanic verbiage began to ooze it's lava-lingual!
One voice at a time shadowed over one absent subject..
Did that subject matter? Was the subject the root of discomfort..
The accusers all say yes! They refuse to be silent.

Boldly wrapping there resistance to back down around their demand to gain
order and respect. They make nor accept excuses for
lack of...

Amongst them I am and so is the sun... the Forecast is unclear yet,
the heat is felt.

Now I... I am leaning forward and looking these Gift
horses in the mouth and there is a combination of ingredients
that make up this recipe of complaint. In the bowl there is
a lot of good yet, a bit of poor representation all mixed in together.

I am starting to smell the aroma of this eruption of hope for a satisfactory
turn out.
Realizing that the eruption is really an interruption.. The plan for a warm and comfortable ride has been intercepted and people sometime have a hard time with change.

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