Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am
praying for emergence
of a sculptured past
to come to term
praying for world happiness
newness of time
For love for life
for strengthened bonds
and family ties
Praying I am

while lying down pains and cries
Retiring lies that tore my soul
A warmth minus ten
in the midst of a winters cold
Praying for healing of past beginnings
winnings of a new found melody
This new beginning yet destiny
shadowed by joy..
Praying I am

A baskest of seed size beliefs
Brief of faith
amongst fields of tribulation
moving beyond that place within
the sweetest elation
Rememberance of a time when
eves and days were equal in there tone of peace
praying I am

pray.. I will...
Never stop praying

sailboat accross an ocean too wide
A Sea too shallow
merge into rivers too narrow
Prayer makes flexible
what seems impossible to bend
broadens what appears to be shortened
Miraculously an unexpected change
Sameness is difference
immesurable oneness
up against many
Praying I am

Prayer holds it's own power
and eternal guarantee
prayer forever unparallel
and incomprable
to any other thing

(C) copyright logicalpoetist June 2009

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  1. Awesome as usual!!!! Great word!


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