Thursday, December 31, 2009

In the wind...

Extending my hand
and heart to you
I call you my friend
How does that happen
with such truth
such distance
in the wind
Time's gone by
events happening
from all ends
we share as much
as time allows
in the distance
of the wind
I trust the sun
to warm you
trusting God
to keep you
safe and sound
Believing in him
for deliverence
from anything
that attempts
to bring you down
Wherever we go
when ever we meet
if ever,or never
our souls blend
my prayer is that
you always know
I am grateful for
our friendships growth
in the distance of the wind

(C)logicalpoetist December 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


shedding soul
evidence physical masses
everything from hair loss to glasses
In the cup is a thick of Molasses

still it runneth over
Watching and feeling
the slow out pour
of my destiny
This sticky journey-

Lifting swollen feet high
trying not to create a mess
Gods spoken word grafitis on a chest
weight carried within ones breast
Least follow the words that I write
Courageously stay

willing to fight the foe
Is it dark or really dawn
does anyone really know
close to my break thru
continue to carry on

The pastor preaches your right there
his penetrating words
child don't be overtaken by fear
A little more hope a little more time
sublime is my energy within selected time
Persevering, mind made up
Going to get to the other side-

Blindly trusting my ride...

(C)logicalpoetist December 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


What is the impossible to find answer, to the unanswered questions?
Is it variable in its value once found, if ever be found as such variety of choices
Shall exist in sequence containing a count from zero to instance and a moment will pass...

Faster than light yet breath taking with power. Infinite power unsolved by thought satisfied only by process
therefore determining one thing that process defeats time and time cannot be clocked
I hope you're not lost. Are you tossing this all round in your mind? The more one tries to define the deeper and more entwined they will be come. Again the sum is unresolved so what makes you think you can resolve the universal code
That nobody knows but will unfold. Manifestation will happen just expect it but don't count days; nor measure mileage.. It will not produce leverage of a more expeditious arrival;that's why its considered travel...

Speeding is not allowed... There are set limits that going too fast may detain, delay, or possibly alter the divine plan. Not good... It's already been written not to prove smitten just following direction not instruction. No distinction no detracting; Avoid retracting... Whole action, not a fraction. Be still, be patient wait... stay faithful... faithful stay...

(C) logicalpoetist December 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009


shall the shadows
come by night alone
to bring a soul
unto it's throne

cast a white cloud
of light be shown
the solo way to home

Gentle whispers
harmonica her ear
time to take her flight

love remains
residing hearts sustain
Do we not understand
the thieving shadow of night

so is life a period of time
variable and interval
must partake in the feast
death a sector of life
here once... now deceased

Is also death
life give unto love
death give unto grief
be faithful
Do go on
rooted like a tree

Be sure to pursue
it is by atteding
to the quality of life
that make a life...
deserving of eternity
resting... knowing
we all shall meet again

partake of this life
carry out the faith
for Christ's children
there is no true end

Ashes to ashes
dust to dust
ascending into light
gentle whispers
harmonica her ear
time to take her flight


(C)logicalpoetist December 18,2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recycle of Source

A dream a real dream is something that you've invisioned for a lifetime. It is the prophetic strength of imagination that influences the spirit to do.
Ones real dream is a physical manifestation of the prophecy playing out in a mental pictoral.
The vision of whatever it is for an individual may start as early as birth and may play as infinitively in ones mind during ones lifetime. Unfortunately if the vision is not persued the individual leaves there vision to the mercy of death.

Often we cannot seem to tap into the right resources to make our vision physical. The reason for this is that perhaps what we see as resourceful is just a mere distraction. Perhaps it is an actual hindurance. Perhaps he that gives us our vision has not included this resource as a part of the divine plan. Such manifestation is exclusive therefore. Not inclusive of what one may want. Remember the plan has already been written. You are not the writer nor illustrator just the vessel of view.

Your vision is yours alone and no one can see it but you and your creator.
We must come to realize that our creator is our source therefore we don't need a resource.

(C)logicalpoetist December 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009


It is the toughest of times that present yet the most opportunity to exercise Self-control. When life seems to cast a never ending shadow of fear, doubt, and insecurity recognize that this is a pre-antidote to our hearts true desire. I have learned that feelings are not facts. They are just feelings.

Thoughts contribute much to the taunting emotions during our times of trial and tribulation. If we ponder a situation too much it can lead to some major problems and complicate that which is simply a process that we must go through to get to the success that we desire.

(C)logicalpoetist December 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


No need to look no more
he has opened up the door
your journey be sure entails
an end that is forever more
eternity that is
the business he's in
it's simple
follow him you win
don't just bathe in sin
seek refuge in the bosom of him
let him guide your steps
make you reach depths
never foreseen for you
how will you hold
the pounds of gold
he has in his plans
use your hands
to build his kingdom
and your kingdom
will come
in your building
be of a serving mind
smile and have fun
while giving remember
to keep your mind
steadfast on his ways
remember that his ways
are not your ways
his thoughts
not your thoughts
his eyes are watching
your heart
use it to utter your request
of his holiness
stay faithful in your request
you shall be blessed
rebuke all temptations
the sensations of Christ
lack euphoria
his promises
will set you to walk
on water
he wants to take you higher
he is the Messiah
the alpha of the omega
the omega of the alpha
who else has finished
before they started
if you know one like him
produce him
I thought not
Jesus is all that!

(C) logicalpoetist December 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy Bones

Whispers coming from somewhere... "Psssst... Psssst...
Excuse me sister do you have a few dollars that you could spare?" This well dressed beautiful sister that appeared to have it all together on the exterior beckoned me.

My name is Fawn... When I looked at her face. I knew her. Forgetting that she'd asked me for money; I began expressing excitement. I had not seen her for about fifteen years. As I reached out to hug her she reached back and held me so tight as though she was thirsty to feel anothers arms wrapped around her soul. As we embraced she said sis, it is so good to see you. I am so tired.

Her name is Star... I asked her what was going on? She did not hesitate in her admittance to using drugs. She told me that the doctors recently quoted her six months or less to live as a result of living the past several years with AIDS. Star's condition was no secret. She had been open about her diagnosis for many years. I asked her what was different today and reminded her that she has always known of her possible death. She said I guess knowing that she has reached the end of her time is the difference.

My word's to Star were that "My sister, you are putting too much faith in your disease despite that God has kept you living and looking well all these years. I told her that the doctor can only assume her life's completion. "God be the giver and taker of life." I held her hand tight as I gave her my words. As we continued talking, I explained to her that despite her circumstances she is indeed, special to God. "He Loves you Star.."

Then, I asked her a very important question. 'If God has kept you twenty four years living and looking well with your disease, why would you volunteer to assist the enemy in killing herself?"

I told her that if this is her mission then I could not contribute to such a thing. I explained that God has been good to me so that I will not have a hand in helping her to throw
God's GIFT of life back into his face... I could not give her any money to buy drugs.

I do not know if my words meant anything. I do not know if my refusal to give her money angered her. What I do know is that; to be granted the gift of recovery from active addiction, and to be given twenty-four years of flawless beauty despite having such a horrible disease like AIDS is a Gift from God. This alone is enough for any "busy body" to reconsider there thoughts of returning to the slavery of addiction...

When Star realized how adamant I was, she did what any addict who is determined to use does. She kept it moving. I made my way to my car and I sat for a while praising and thanking God for his mercy & grace upon my own life. Thanking him that, I Fawn choose to appreciate his gift of life and choose to be a bellower of his word.. I also prayed for Star.

(C) logicalpoetist December 1, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Trip to the LIbrary

Photo by the:
Indianapolis Museum Of Arts
Now Is the old becoming new. What's been taught and told is eventually remembered and lived. That is why it is wise to take what you need and save the rest for later. Never throw out information because you find no use for it at the time. All perceptions must be considered as life will present various options at various times. It is then an opportunity to reference our library. We always know.. Sometimes we simply don't use all of our resources.

logicalpoetist (C) November 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sufficient Supply

Life can teach us incredible lessons if we are open to receive them. Sometimes we find that things around us are out of order. Perhaps your steps were set in a particular direction and suddenly, you look up and realize that you have no control and must just go with the flow. This my friends is an opportunity to exercise patience, understanding and trust.
In totality it's the serenity prayer playing out in our lives.
"God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change that in which I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

The difference being; knowing, and accepting that we have, no power to change certain things...
This is when we are forced to trust, and have faith, or we can simply decide to have faith. I tell you that the latter is also greater.
I have a saying that is also the theme of one of my business' and it is becoming the theme of my life. "Attitude is Everything!"
Many years ago a negative circumstance landed me in many positive situations. During this time, I was exposed to lessons, introduced to resources, and positioned to experience things never imagined.

Today it is evident that collectively each one had been preparing me for this particular time and place in my life.
We are human and in being so, it must rain on each of us.
Rain is a vital nutrient for growth. Few things "raise up" in the desert. Yet, the sun is always there although, it may duck behind a cloud now and then... "A. Najai D'Raughn"
We can trust that the sun will shine again but while waiting, seek the opportunity to enjoy the rain's supply. It is sufficient to quench our thirst as the sun is sufficient to dry our tears and keep us warm.


logicalpoetist (C) November 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Do You Have To Lose

We all should strive for faith in our vision. If you see something in your mind; or if you are thinking constantly about something it is for a reason. I can tell you that when you sit around thinking that your dream is impossible. Surely,it will come true.

I love the question; "What do you have to lose?" I love the answer even more. The answer is; Nothing.... "Absolutely nothing!"

Research is an important part of pursuing a dream. Sometimes a dream looks and feels impossible because we are viewing within a scope or range determined by our eyes. One of the greatest gifts we have is technology. Particularly the Internet. If you do not own a computer. Utilize your local library. In most states computers are available there, and free to use. Another suggestion is, an Internet cafe such as Starbucks.

If you don't know where either of these are ask someone. If not comfortable navigating on a computer then ask for help!

In other words, make NO EXCUSES to not go after your dream.

On the Internet you can research the "what, when and how" to pursue your dream or vision. You will be surprised to know that once you make up your mind to do something, It can be achieved. Seeing it and putting it down on paper is what makes it more achievable. In a way it it like creating a map or road to your vision!

Follow that map... Research and write. This will motivate you.
You may find that you can purchase things for a lot less than you expected. You can even develope creative ways to get things donated in order to make your dream happen.

Some dreams may not involve buying anything. The point is to just take action!

The bottom line is that you will never get closer to your dream, if you stare at it from afar.
Best of blessings... See you at the high point of success!
(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Black womyn

A Black woman

can never be confined

by mere words

Webster does her no justice

she is a soul of indescribable power

do your thing black woman

you are sensitive but strong

and have become successful

through your failures

you bathe in the sun of your family

they are the radiance of the sun in you

black woman do your thing

you work and never tire

setting a flame stereo typical beliefs

that say you are the weakest link

black woman

you are what starts

and finishes the chain

go on black woman

I noticed your hands black woman

when you dropped to your knees

folded them uttering prayers

blessings of mercy came

pouring down

as a result

upon your children

black woman

you are powerful

black woman

who else besides you

peels the skin off the truth

and gets everyone together

the weather depends

on your forecast

black woman

you set the tone

of leadership with your dignity

and confidence

the world cannot make sense

of your subdued posterity

how you say so much

without ever saying anything

there is no more of a

misinterpreted being

than you my beautiful

sister and queen






who has gone now

than me

all black women

we will always do our thing

don't hate us love us

accept us

because we are the ones praying

and holding up the spiritual walls

preventing your fall

into bottomless pits

our prayers sent you epiphany

so stand on the sidelines

clapping and shouting...

go on black woman

do your thing
photo by Amsterdamn/not used for profit
(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Silouette Faces

Image by Merlespar
Oh I can for you

tilt my head

drink your rushing words with eager lips

paint my mouth for you a vibrant red

trace your brows with shaking finger tips

you recite your list

of loves to me

As I laugh and marvel,

with rapturous eyes

you laugh back

can you ever see

the thousands of deaths

my heart has died

believing so well that I know my part

gay as morning

light as snow

yet all the taunting

things within my heart

you never try to know

oh I can for you be jolly

when we meet

as you tell fresh tales

of your adventuring

I am delicately discreet

in your ear whisper

songs pleased at your delight

wondering do you want all of me

raw and true

blind staring eyes of night

In search of novelty

you stray off

kiss you passionately as you go

what happens inside my heart

when you stray, these things

you will never, ever, know-

(C) logicalpoetist May 1995

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Soaking in Somber...

It is the most somber
days bringing uncomparable
gifts of peace
seek, find refuge upon a cloud
in a grey sky
trees journeying through
change dispurse
array of color
tepid waves of solace
is here for a time
the time of now
basking in now
savoring the experience
not of what's gone by
of what can be made
of now
(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009


Now the sun rises in a soul
long lost soul that felt
only the coldest of winters
splinter thin icicles suspended
from chords of vocality
as angry verbiage and infliction
of brutality weakened an esteem

Now the sun rises in a soul
never knew that the rivers
and waters were troubled
contaminated from pollution
inflicted in a tender time
a time called childhood

who has taken the time
to listen and understand
people yet seek to
be understood
that's just the way it is
in the hood

So the children grow
unattended to
raising themselves
trying to create a way out

homicide, suicide, selling
and buying drugs and guns
to use in their own neighborhood
resulting in genocide

somehow not all were swept
some were kept by morals
gained during that same
tender time,
keeping their heads
lifted toward the sky

some referenced
and inquired how to aspire
despite the most
horrible of circumstance

Now the sun rises in a soul
Soul's mother
danced her last dance
with a heroin shot
to her veins
what is heroic about that

Souls father
found dead in an ally
faced down suffocated
in his own blood
shot... because he messed
up a gangsters money
selling crack

Souls siblings all scattered
through out the system
yet soul kept referring back
to lessons taught earlier on
when granny was alive
Soul chose to abide

Now the sun rises in a soul
rise soul rise also in the sun
reference but never look back

(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Self's Song

Can you see the beauty that you posses
will you caress your confidence,
finesse your acceptance
of self
Has your mind seen the supremacy of your being
because your sight could not comprehend
and then.....
Did you stop and say
that God sends the perfect you
the vital you
that can only fulfill the purpose
given you...
and at that moment
did you embrace that you are all that you need to be
that it's not what other's see that make you who you are
but its the who that you believe that you are
that matters...
It is crucial to see that you are a beautiful being exactly as you are
If you are not loyal to you
then who will be
We can only survive on other's love for so long
A song does not run out of words or melodies
if so it would not be a song
love long, love hard, love you
like you loved that person that you gave everything to
and who scorned your soul in return...
Yearn... yes burn
then soothe
and cool
in a pool of self acceptance.
You've never had a bath like this..
Lay your head back and relax in your self confidence
that you can and will not just be
man or a woman
but that you will dent your heals in every grain of sand possible.
Residual dew will remain from the waters you've poured into life
long after your gone
Can you see why I go on and on
encouraging you to love thine self as you are
and if there is something about
you that makes you sad-
Change it
are worth it!

(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exit To an Entrance

That closed door was the entrance
at first I could not tell.
As I walked through it I was sad
My head hung low
my knees weak my throat
filled with lumps
eyes overflowing with water
Just like that it was over
I sat and I wondered what my next move should be
I did not have the power nor the key to my destiny
Never once did I consider his
just my way
My fight became a battle and I felt like I'd lost
so tired of the foe that I drifted off into a deep sleep
dream dream dream
did I
about a beautiful life
flowers all around me so rich in color so loudly scented
looking ahead there was a beam of light
from it came a voice
it said do not fret, for everything is really alright
follow me without care of where I lead
think of this journey as a trust
know that I will catch you indeed
placing one foot in front of the other
I followed the beam of light
guided by the powerful voice
I came upon a door
It appeared to be the same door that I'd last walked through when I was awake
the beam of light went through first and quickly disappeared
as I walked through
there were people
lots of beautiful people
they looked radiant to my eyes
one approached me and said welcome to the life intended for you
I will be giving you your tour
there was a room
it was filled with safe deposit boxes
he pointed saying this one is yours
I opened it and there was money
lots of money
I asked how much could I have
he replied all
It all belongs to you
I asked how much is here
he said an infinite amount
the way it works is that no matter how much you withdraw the amount is replaced
you may take as much as you want whenever you want it shall just be refilled
he handed me a sac made of hemp and ordered me to fill it and so I did
We began walking again until we approached another room
this was an extraordinary room
It was filled with mansions
As I looked straight ahead I noticed a large sign
it appeared to be for sale
I am following my leader and he is walking toward the most beautiful mansion
of them all
as we got closer the sign did not read what I thought
It had a name on it, the name was mine
he said this is yours
I replied how much is the mortgage
he answered zero, your house is paid in full
the land it sits on is yours as well
One thing before you ask he said
there are no property taxes
Again we started toward another room
this room was different
It had a racetrack styled floor
there were Bentley's Rolls Royce's and Benz's
How many
Why I really could not tell
too many
He said pick one of each and never mind the note
they are all paid for
you will have no note
I selected three and then we left
this time we walked into an empty room and my leader said this is the way back to life
he told me to take good care and turned in the other direction
I yelled wait
what is your name
He answered Angel... then he disappeared
As I tried to figure out what just happened
the beam of light reappeared
the powerful voice came back
My child you were not dreaming this is real
you are now set four life have a wonderful one
We shall meet again...
Trust all doors that close in your life do not be sad. Closed doors are new beginings and sometimes greater destinations
(C) logicalpoetist October 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

write2live - About Me

write2live - About Me

Shared via AddThis


Many people believe that although you are with someone; They cannot see you... There are things that we all hide in order to feel accepted. Sometimes one believes, that if someone knew the real them that another person would not like them as much or not befriend them... In believing this, it becomes an invitation to a private place (cocoon) where only you (the person hiding) can enter.

Subconsciously, believing that friends and other loved ones don't see.

Many times they do see and love us anyway... Awaiting the day that you will freely be who you are, so that you'll realize that you are loved for who and what you are; Accepted for all of what makes you you.

The disadvantage to any relationship is, that often ones secrets are usually leaking, and being exposed despite their attempt to hide.

To witness ones denial of self acceptance is painful for the ones loving them, because we want them to be free. Sadly recognizing they are ashamed and hurt by their inadequacies.

The journey to heal however becomes a joint venture if we are to continue loving that person. Sometimes the road gets rough between the two because the issues start to swell and taint the relationship.

Often times years go by... The people involved have remained cemented in each other's lives and the results are very messy and confusing.. Sometimes this entanglement causes the relationship to break.

I believe strongly in certain life tools; Honesty at best, prayer at most and willingness at least...

Theoretically people are not honest with themselves and others because, they fear facing and working to fix their issues, and being accepted despite their issues. "People do not necessarily make it easy either." Some people can be crucially judgemental..

Despite these fears, healing is needed... The only road to recovery for any person, is the road one will walk to get through their issues. Therefor "you" must start the journey. Only you can...

Loved ones; whether family, friends, or lovers can only be of support. If you opt to hide, you rob them of the opportunity to help, and even worse you rob yourself of the opportunity to grow and be better.

Therapy is also a wonderful tool. It allows one to free themselves without the possibility of being judged or further hurt, as there is no personal relationship or interest. It is a safe place.

The real you is a beautiful you... and none of us are without flaw...

"If anyone thinks that they are perfect... they are the most imperfect!"

Be courageous today... Make an admission that you are not perfect.. Know that it is okay and that God in fact created you this way... Take a necessary step toward your journey to be healthier, and trust that your support loves you for you; imperfections and all.

Whether you realize it or not, those that have taken the time to be close to you, have already seen your shortcomings and accepted your imperfections..

May you Be forever Real, and always blessed... When you look in the GLASS, may your reflection always mirror the truth- ase'

Image used in this photo is by Poohlaga and is being for enhancement only; not for profit

(C) logicalpoetist September 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009


Remember the saying "Take time to smell the roses?"

I have found that scents have a profound impact on ones spirit. The things that we breathe in; curve and shape our kindness or lack of.

Also this quote is a metaphor for what we accept in our lives. (Take time to appreciate what we have.) Although, most people zero in on what's not going well in their lives.

I am a firm believer that "We are what we eat..." Again this is a metaphor for whatever you accept in your life will be your life.

This morning, I awoke and started the coffee brewing. I heard the perking and the aroma grew stronger and stronger as it brewed. I have been getting my coffee outside the home for the past month or so. As the smell became more powerful very endearing, I realized how much I have been cheating myself of the pleasure of this wonderful smell in the morning.

Not everyone favors coffee but for the fellow coffee drinkers, you know exactly what I mean.
I never realized until this morning how much the scent of my brew really contributed to the start of my day... It was as if my senses were reborn.
All of them "taste, smell, touch, hear and sight." The smell of Patchouli wreaks daily in my space because it has always been one of my favorite aromas as well.

I am listening to one of my favorite meditation CD's "The Journey beyond the horizon"...
The combination of the music compounded by the aroma in the room makes the sun
that's staring in my space brighter and warmer.

I have sat and I have written that in which I choose to share with you (my readers) daily and I am pleasantly content..

I feel refreshed, renewed and centered why because I have taken the time this morning to smell the roses in my life instead of thinking obsessively of what challenges lye before me. I feel ready for whatever comes my way. This is what I aim to achieve every day. Courage, happiness and freedom...

May you take the time to smell the aromas of your life!!!

Be Blessed

(C) logicalpoetist September 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sour Apples

Posting Date is: Wednesday September 23, 2009

Take a bite out of life
surprised at what's inside
could be bitter
could be sweet
warm or as cold as ice

I've heard plenty
that make sense...
confronted with a situation
Oh how soon do we forget

Horses brought to the well
none seem to want a drink
extend ones hand
attempt to pull one up
why do they choose to sink

Saving is impossible
if one does not want to be free
easy does it... do not push it
simply let them be

Never made lemonade
out of lemons dealt...
Why apply heat
if it will easily melt

Count the blessings
let it go... run with all
that's still left
Barrel half full
of sour apples
residual taste remains
on ones breath

All apples may be spoiled
by a single worm
It is possible to find one
not gone bad at all

in it's taste even after
it withstands a storm
search and search
until you find a
perfect, uncorrupted one
(C) logicalpoetist September 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Appreciate You

Why not celebrate today? Does not matter that it may not be your birthday. So many people pay homage to their existence on the single day they were born. It is fair to say, that this is the result of what we've been taught and conditioned to do.

Whether you know it or not, you have a special purpose here on earth. Sometimes we are making our contributions, despite ourselves. Many can agree if honest, that we can be our own worst critic. Sadly spending so much time doubting one's own contributions, feeling that you make no contribution to the world.

The truth is that when something passionate sits in your heart and you make no attempts to pursue your passion, that you are lacking faith in yourself.
Staring at the distance as opposed to taking a tiny step that will shorten it.
Good medicine for the soul is to find a reason to celebrate you every day. Celebration is liberating. It does not however need to to be a party or other flamboyant event. It can be a day that is soft and sleek. Most of all your celebration needs to be about you and make you feel good inside.

Each day the majority of people awake and begin to prepare for work.

If you are at work how can you celebrate yourself there?

I've bought something like an affirmation plaque, or a hand crafted, miniature collection of nick knacks and placed them on my desk. They were items that said something powerful about me or encouraged me in someway.

At lunch instead of pinching pennies, I've sat in a park to breath in some fresh air and gaze the greenery that surrounds me during a fifteen minute break. Appreciating my time with myself.
During lunch, instead of getting fast food I prepare something special for myself the night before, or eating something special that I purchased instead. When you eat healthy and well you are loving, appreciating, and celebrating your body.

Remember, it's about you and what makes you feel good inside. It could be turning off your phone and reading a few pages from your favorite book. Treating yourself to a massage, it can be anything that you choose. Just choose... Find something about you that is worth celebrating because we all have something.

The value of who you are rests within what you think your worth. So in celebrating yourself in someway daily, You are then building your spirit. Solidifying your value and strengthening your confidence that you are worthy of so much more. Celebrating and appreciating the friend, sister or brother that you are to the world is needed everyday.

If you have smiled at someone today, you have made a contribution to the world. You deserve to acknowledge the smile that you brought out of that person that you smiled at. We all give something. Celebrate your importance to the universe!


This blog is dedicated to my dearest friend Sharon

(C) logicalpoetist September 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009


Looking forward not behind
Big knuckles keep writing
blind words speak beyond
what it's fighting...

Seek warmth in a smile
Flames igniting passion,
a powerful reaction,
opinionated non facts
cracks in ones back gives
no slack to unwritten acts
stand up don't dare sit
never --it
Refuse to
say the word

If you ask the question
curiosity will pay
just may, like what
it has to say...
Going to be said any way

Reasons exist, chances missed
insist on a change of season
Breathe in... Now ease in,
to where you are loved..

Have fun, Laugh, Live.
Make life a play ground!
Live your life make your
living good, make your laugh
Laugh extremely loud!

(C)logicalpoetist September 2009

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Saturday, September 12, 2009


"If a heart is spiritual, then it holds, mansions of love, and can house many"
Logicalpoetist/A. Najai D'Raughn

The thought occurred that if someone forgets about you, what do you do? My next thought was forget about them... I am human.

From God's perspective ;Loving, we know, is defined as unconditional.

Lilac loved people! Lilac was a "sister" with an appearance that speaks. She is beautiful to say the least. This refined artist has cool chocolate skin, thick golden bronze locks of hair that is curly. She has soft brown eyes, beautiful white teeth, and a big smile.

Now, while her physical features are very pronounced; it is her aura that speaks the loudest. She is always smiling and looking at people with her best vision - seeing them all as beautiful. Lilac is human, but most certainly "one of a kind."

Lilac, because of her peace, sincerity, kindness and incomprehensible ways had her challenges by the "universe..." Overall, when faced with those challenges, she never lost her composure.

One day, Lilac awoke earlier than usual. She arose from her bed at four o'clock in the morning.
She looked out the bay window of her apartment and saw that the day was crying. There were large, lollipop, raindrops falling, and the sky was a serene, grayish blue.

Lilac decided stay in doors and make it a day of reflection. She started a meal on the stove, lit seven candles, a Naj Champa (incense), and flipped on her fireplace. She then turned down all the blinds and pulled out all, her photo albums.

She made a pallet on the floor with a mat, blanket, and natural Lambs wool as the final layer. Lilac laid on the pallet flipping through her albums. The first photo album had pictures that ranged from Lilac's high school days to her current lifetime.

Midway through the seventh album, Lilac came across several pictures of a group of friends from a particular time in her life. She sought through them and noticed that seven of the friends were friends that she'd lost contact with over the years.

As she reflected upon "good times," she thought of one particular friend amongst the group a bit more intensely. This friend, in the past had done something unkind to . Lilac. What she'd done is accuse Lilac of something that in fact she had not done.

The break in both their hearts forced their friendship apart. One believed that the other had placed her in a compromising position and the other knew of her own innocence. The friend whose innocence was shattered surely believed some misunderstanding had taken place.

"Hmmmmm..." Lilac exhaled; A long time has passed she thought. Lilac smiled, realizing that, life had replaced that friend with many others and that life had given her the gift of peace regarding the lost friendship. Lilac realized that she had an abundance of love in her heart still, for that friend. She realized that sometimes, love, is best done from a distance.
Lilac concluded that when a person insists on letting her go, to be accepting. Sometimes, God wants to move you away from someone, and, or, you from them. In order that both may grow or go down separate roads that the other is not intended to journey.

Prayerfully, each person's destiny within their individual path at the end of the rainbow, still exuded Greatness! This too, was Lilac's prayer for her friend.
The world has two forces, Good and Evil.
No one, is exempt from the beckoning of either. We will be tested. Just stand and be who you are!

Lilac remembered a quote that she once heard:

"When people want to leave your life, Let them Go; do not try to force their stay"Bishop,TD Jakes.

The aroma of the food that Lilac started cooking earlier grew more pronounced. Now, remembering the "wonderful meal," she felt full of gratitude, refreshment and hunger...As she spoke her blessings to her peace,she stated "Thank you Lord for all that has been received in my life and all that has been extracted from, most of all Lord; Thank you for all that has been restored."

She then closed the seventh album.........

(C) logicalpoetist September 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pure Philosophy

Sometimes you can build a bridge with stones, still crossover it and never ponder the work it took to build it.

Everything that is right side-up is also upside down, if looked at from the sides it's easy to see ones way to the center.

There is but a spot of light in the darkest place.

(C)logicalpoetist September 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

If Life Throws Blows... Bend Knees

Photo by Barry P Kilmartin

Nijel sat in the barber's chair relaxing with closed eyes. The peaceful,low,buzzing of the clippers somehow seemed soothing. Nijel began to meditate during the haircut, mentally traveling to place of peace. Suddenly, There was a loud boom that startled Nijel and everyone in the Barbershop.

When he lifted his head to see what the noise was. He saw the body of a man being thrown into the glass window of the shop. There were four men beating this one man. They threw punch after punch! They were kicking him in the abdomen and legs. The seemingly helpless man did not fight back. He used his arms to protect his head and continued taking the tireless beating.

When the beating was over, the man stood up, and then fell to the ground. The thing that behooved Nijel is, "Why everyone stood watching, and no -one tried to help. The other employees at the shop ran outside and watched closely until the four men were done.

The beaten man stood up, walked in circles a couple of times, then just walked away.
Once all the commotion was over the conversation began regarding the incident.
Apparently a few weeks prior. The man had stolen a valuable item from someone. The beating was retaliation for his actions.

Although, Nijel now new the truth he was still, bothered by the violent crime...
What was he to do? Watching the entire ordeal simply, made him sick;literally.
Later that afternoon Nijel was unable to eat and his nerves, were just shattered.

The only thing that he could think to do was to pray for the man, that he might have learned a lesson and come to value his life and learn to work for what he wants. He could have been killed as the result of material desire and greed.

Nijel prayed also, for the four attackers begging God to help them to better love their neighbor.

"Lord, I say unto the that thine hast taught; That thou shalt not steal. Thine hath also said to Love ones neighbor as thine self. Thou have left man to determine what to do when the two commandments conflict. I pray to you Almighty God father of us all that we never seek revenge, taking matters into our own hands. I pray that those four men realize Lord, they they are not the father of judgement nor consequence. I pray that they have a conscience regarding what they did and that they seek your forgiveness father. The item that was stolen is a material thing that perhaps was ill gotten to begin with. I pray father that all necessary lessons be gained for all involved. Oh Mighty Lord I pray that the man who was beaten does not die and that he is given a second chance. Finally Lord, I thank you for bearing witness to this horrible, and most violent crime. Thank you for showing me Lord that the life that I live seeking thine ways, seeking thine thoughts and honoring thine words oh father;
Free me from being any of those type of men. Father, may I always find comfort in your word and your way. May I always find peace in your bosom."

Thank you Jesus,


Then Nijel stood up from his prayer and new that he had done the best thing for all.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Time just passing
it's only what's lasted
that will confirm
a soul has grown
Hopefully, collected wisdom
remembers the long way home

Never free of memory
it shall, but remain
seek life not through
an other's eyes
nor thoughts through
an other's brain

Realize fears,
release tears
be clear of existence no more
gently proceed forward
dance on the planets floor

dance the last dance
kiss the last kiss
as though it's the first
day of love
never regret anything
when you've continued
to look above

Coldness somehow produced
wholeness within a storm
Razor sharp, whirling winds
spins the air of breath
panting, panting, panting
now time says to rest

the storm has come
to a settling calm,
wind surrenders it's
biting edge

harsh, dark nights
now lit burn forever more
flames of everlasting fire
faint sounds of crackling sand
while napping by the
sea's calm shore

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Judgement Day

Today while driving I noticed a man wo was sitting on the curb where I was entering the freeway. He appeared to be homeless. I could not take my eyes off him. His features were very attractive.

Although he was sitting, I could tell that he was very tall. His skin was a pretty-bronze, and his hair a very rich, gold. His head tilted toward the ground so, I did not get a very good look at his face.

As I made the bend onto the freeway, I could not take my eyes off him. The turn forced me to release my trance. "It is, what I was thinking that was pretty intense."

I thought about the ways in which the homeless are treated at times... I've witnessed Homeless people being tormented by the masses. I've seen them get beaten, kicked or spit on.

I took a homeless couple into a restaurant once to purchase them a meal,the owner told me that they could not eat inside of his place. "Oh yes, I did volunteer a few of my thoughts, in appreciation of his hospitality."

The couple, and I proceeded to another restaurant where they were allowed to sit. I remember being angry at the mistreatment they'd been given.

Today, when I saw the man sitting on the curb; I thought to myself... "What happens if someone were mean to a homeless man, died, approached judgement day and found out that the person that they mistreated was GOD..."

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(C) logicalpoetist September 5, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Four Doors and Faith

Image created by L'UNOCCHIO

Each morning when Thomas awoke, he had the same routine. He would get out of bed, fall to his knees, and deposit his prayer to the heavens. After that, he would eat a fairly large breakfast, then he'd head out to work. Thomas is a very tall and handsome guy with a very mild mannerism. He has a deep voice yet, speaks very low.

Door one

When he entered his work place everyone could expect that Thomas would start them all off on a positive note. Thomas never failed to deliver. He'd give them a big bright smile and speak to every one in his path. He'd ask them all how their morning has been thus far. Then, he'd move on. He just seemed to be an indication of radiant light and warmth, he had a certain Aura.

Door two

During Thomas' lunch break he decided that he would drive to his favorite Italian deli to grab a sandwich. While completely stopped, he waited to turn into the entrance. Suddenly there was a Loud "bang" to Thomas' car. He had been hit in the rear by the car behind him. When Thomas got out to see what had happened he first observed that his vehicle had major damage. The entire trunk area was pushed in, almost to the back seats of his car.

As he looked to the right he noticed that the car that hit him, had been hit by another car. As the three involved drivers observed the damage of their vehicles the out come was that, Thomas'car was the only one that had actually been damaged.
The three men followed proper procedure and exchaged their information. Thomas was then left behind to await his towing company. His car could not be driven.

As you can imagine this was just the beginning of some major frustration. "So one would think."

Door three

"Hello... is this Friendly Car Rental? My name is Thomas Austin, and I was just in a car accident... Yes ma'am, I am fine thank you," Thomas said. "I will however, be needing a car immediately, Thomas said and asked, what do you have available?" Satisfied with the choice of rental-car; he provided his location, ended the call, to await being be picked up-

Door four

Thomas preceded into the deli as though nothing had happened. He was whistling, and praising God with hymn. When he entered the deli while standing in the service line, another customer approached the line. Since Thomas had not decided what to eat, he offered to exchange places. His attitude had not been swayed by the accident at all.

Finally, it was his turn in line as he preceded with ordering lunch. To Thomas' surprise the greeting he received from the server was, "Welcome to Tony's Italian deli, and how has your day been thus far?

Thomas flashed his winning smile and said a little louder than usual; My day has been outstanding! I awoke this morning, I am in my best mind, and I have my health and strength! It has been a beautiful day! The young man replied excitedly, "That's good stuff!"

It was as if Thomas had not even been involved in a accident. He stayed calm and collected throughout the entire ordeal.


I imagine that when Thomas remembered first, to acknowledge God when he awoke this morning; He knew that this was most important.

I imagine that when Thomas walked into work earlier that day; smiling and spreading joy, he must have conceded to the importance of others and being polite.

I imagine that when Thomas saw that his car, was the only damaged vehicle in the accident and decided to look at the fact that he himself had not been harmed.
That he considered God's favor upon his life.

I imagine that when Thomas proceeded with getting lunch after such an experience, maintaining his faithful attitude; That when the young man greeted him in the deli with the exact words that,Thomas greeted his co-workers with;
Thomas realized that this was God's way of being pleased with him and acknowledging Thomas' way.


(C)logicalpoetist September 4, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dirty Rain

Wear a mask
plastic smile
upon an iron face
sew a dress
beautiful silk
covered with
UN-removable stains

Drink from a glass
only half full
filled with dirty rain
take a heart piece by piece
injecting it with pain

walk 3000 miles
for the sake
of love
place the pieces
from your heart
in an empty cup

shake it,stir it
until it's
really sweet
take a sip
feel the lump
in your throat
tasting Like defeat-

keep on trying,
continue denying
that it's really good
Bitter flavor
drink up any way
Pray that it soothes
as it should

appease affliction
that we've lost
our way

Two hearts
one soul
can make it
if they try
sweeten up
that dirty rain
but don't dear deny
all that's been given
has also been taken
from a desolate place
don't wear that mask
or Iron smile upon your
only face

What seems to be done
may be reborn
if honesty appears,
not blame,nor denial
or the excuse
of wonder years
If the student
was not ready the
teacher could not

When the lesson
has been taught
as quickly
as it came
the blessings
for all involved
is successfully

yet may leave
the glass still
half full
still with
dirty rain

(C)logicalpoetist September 3, 2009